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I suggest from now on calling this the shameful one in English, as members of my family now do.

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So, if you have an enchufe, it might very well make it easier to get a job. After fighting the Franco regime with the Iberian Liberation Movement in the early s, he was convicted and executed for the death of a policeman.

After the Spanish Supreme Court declined an effort to review the execution, an Argentine court adopted the case under universal jurisdiction in His execution proceeded despite international outcry, as Spain's second state execution in eight years.

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Sponsored Links An effort by family members and outside groups to review Puig Antich's case was rejected by the Spanish Supreme Court inbut an Argentine judge adopted the case with those of other Franco regime victims under universal jurisdiction in Foreigners speakers of Spanish in Spain certainly use so of them with alarming frequency with other English speakers in Spain, as do our Spanish friends and spouses.

Wikipedia recogerse — to go indoors in the evening resol — Reflected sunshine off the wall, floor, etc. One word that you will hear a lot in Spain is gestor.

The position is difficult to describe, simply because this agency does not exist in many countries.

Salvador (Puig Antich)

He participated in their military actions against the Franco regime in andwhen he was arrested for the death of a policeman.

In some other countries there will also be some person, or official in this kind of position.

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The film Salvador depicts Puig Antich's time on death row. As one of Franco's last victims, Puig Antich became a household name in Barcelona. Generally, in UK you do not need any kind of interface, and when you do, it is clear that you should see a solicitor.

The film Salvador depicts Puig Antich's time spent on death row.

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Note, also inberbe, a beardless youth. Catalonians viewed Puig Antich's judicial death as symbolic retribution for the region's fight for autonomy, and his name became commonplace in Barcelona. Echarse al monte means to take to the hills, and by extension, los del montethe maquis fighters.

Spanish theater groups protested across Spain. College students in Barcelona and Madrid went on strike in protest of the execution, whereupon they fought with police. Legacy Catalonians interpreted Puig Antich's execution as symbolic retaliation for the region's fight for autonomy, which led to public demonstrations.

Salvador (Puig Antich) (2006)

Even though the Franco regime had fallen, along with its censorship laws, members of Els Joglars were jailed or forced into exile. The war council sentenced him to death by garrote vil in the Model prison.

A football team might also estrenar un nuevo estadio An estreno is the first night of a film.

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His main role is the interface between the public — in this case you — and the public administration. Several years after his execution, the Catalan performance group Els Joglars performed La torna, a satire against torture based on Puig Antich's execution.