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He is specifically a "KX-8" model, as he claims to be in one episode, developed and produced by a company called JNZ Robotics. It is shown in "Vacuum Friend" that he strongly dislikes humans and wishes for machines to take over from mankind as rulers of the planet.

The series centers on Robot Jones voiced by a text-to-voice program in season 1; Bobby Block in season 2who, as his name suggests, is a robot who lives in a small city in Delawarein a futuristic version of the s in which robots are commonplace. Although his real age is unknown, it is presumed that he is programmed to be an adolescent, thereby fitting in with the middle schoolers he is observing.

Robot must submerge himself in the episode's title subject in order to fully understand it, while doing as much as he can to fit in with his human counterparts. On the episodes where Robot Jones' voice is provided by a kid and nina dobrev tim tebow dating to make it sound robotic, the "Ass" in "Kick Ass" was digitally removed.

Gardakora 4 Comments Robot jones rules of dating Published: The series' animation technique is different from most American cartoons from the early s; it was animated with traditional cel animationat a time when many American cartoons had switched to digital ink and paint possibly due to the s settings.

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Robot Jones" part is done by a Macintosh Macintalk voice known as Trinoids. His "brain" resembles a giant light bulb, which screws to the top of his head.

Robot Jones Rules Of Dating

His mustache and haircut resembles that of Adolf Hitler ; as such, he is very tyrannical to Robot. The Yogman Twins make it one of their robot jones rules of dating missions to obtain Robot's brain, implying that it contains all of Robot's life essence, although being without his brain does little but slows down Robot's thought process, as seen in Electric Boogaloo.

He is very no-nonsense and easily annoyed, which often results in him causing destruction of some kind. He is afraid of technology as a whole, as seen in "Sickness", "Parents" and the pilot episode. Schidtler" who also happens to resemble Hitler. He once let Robot take part in the school's robot jones rules of dating patrol in "Safety Patrol", but Robot turned out to be enforcing the rules very strictly which soon leads the entire school to be thrown into detention.

He has blond curly hair and wears a green jacket. At the end of most episodes, Robot makes a data log entry, in which he states what he learned that day and what conclusions he has arrived at on humanity, which are often not positive. He owns a vacuum cleaner which he names "Dust Buddy," whom Robot built friendship with after learning that humans and robots were never designed to co-exist.

He is very protective of his family, and will punch out a supposed peeping tom spying on his wife, as seen in Hookieor threaten anybody who comes too close to his house, such as the mailman in "Parents.

Please help support BCDB with a donation or a subscription to the website. Recurring[ edit ] Shannon Westerburg voiced by Grey DeLisle is a girl whom Robot becomes a crush with because she has more mechanical attachments than any human he has ever seen, specifically a large orthodontic appliance and a prosthetic leg.

In each episode, Robot, sometimes prompted to by his parents, explores a concept average teenagers usually face in their everyday life, such as gym class, or taking a part in a competition. He later appeared in "Growth Spurts" with little impact on the plot, alongside an unnamed mustached coach.

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Depending on the episode, again, she may consider him anything from a close friend, to a pest, to a nobody. Mitch is also roughly 12 years old. She is not a technophobe, as seen in "Jealousy", when she had a crush on a handsome android named Finkman, and she actually gave Robot a kiss on the cheek in "Popularity".

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He is a video game lover, and became friends with Robot in Electric Boogaloo with that in common. Shannon talks with a lisp.

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Clancy also has a job in the school's safety patrol. Cubey, Socks, Robot Jones, and Shannon. The first season also had kids speaking out the title cards, which was done away with during season two, although some season 2 episode titles are spoken by voices of the characters, like Mitch saying "Garage Band" or Madman saying "Hookie ".

However, he cares deeply for his grandson, as seen in "House Party".

Whatever Happened to Robot Jones: Rules of Dating

Magical Friendship Lego Scooby-Doo! Among his humanoid features, he has a set of large yellow eyes, which also function as "cameras" to analyze objects and humans as well as for x-ray vision.

Raincoat voiced by Grey DeLisle the English teacher. As Robot gets settled in at school, he begins taking part in exploring humanoid concepts of his own will.


Unlike Mitch and Cubey, is never revealed how he became Robot's friend, let alone his closest. This particular line from "Rules of Dating": Although she is sometimes friendly to him, as seen in "Embarrassment", "Garage Band" and "House Party," Shannon doesn't socialize too much with Robot unless he approaches her.

He also meets Shannon Westerburg Grey DeLislea girl he develops a crush on, because of her large retainer and metal prosthetic leg. Robot struggles in her classes, and she sometimes has to discipline him for causing havoc. The episode "Growth Spurts" had a banner in the school gym that said, "Kick Ass".

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Why a lack of X appeal shouldn't put you off. Greg Miller stated in an interview on Facebook that he used a Microsoft Word 98 text-to-voice software for Robot's voice during production for season one, but after the first season was completed, the executives of Cartoon Network found Robot's automated voice to be unusual and were freaked out on how "weird" he sounded.

Madman, a jealous and insecure math teacher, Mr. Robot's eyes also flash on and off when he talks, rather than moving his mouth. Sleepyjeans voiced by David Koechner is the school janitor.

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Whatever Happened to Robot Jones: Rules of Dating

Mom Unit also spends time at home drilling holes in the front yard looking for more sources of oil whenever she runs out, as shown in "Parents.

The first season also had kids speaking out the title cards, which was done away with during season two, although some season 2 episode titles are spoken by voices of the characters, like Mitch saying "Garage Band" or Madman saying "Hookie ".

He has blond curly hair and wears a green jacket. In "Hookie ", it is revealed that his arcade gives a discount on game tokens during school hours.

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He keeps telling kids that they're breaking his arcade machines, every time they play with them. The way the episode plays out mirrors a husband Robot cheating on his wife the Scantron.

Though he typically mentors and provides Robot with reassurance as best as he can, he has a realistic cap to his understanding, and can lose his temper with Robot, as show in Family Vacation. Despite this, there is some evidence that Shannon may be harboring at least a fondness for Robot in return, if not romantic feelings.