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Despite not being present when Captain Mikoshiba asked Gou out on a date in which Gou turned him downhe felt like punching Mikoshiba after he has done so, and was wondering why he suddenly felt like that. Ellyn Barnes Gudetama goods collector with a soft spot for seiyuu and an undying love for Matsuoka Rin.

July - September ; July - September Producers: Just like if it wasn't for Haruka in the first season Rin would not have been able to move forward, if it wasn't for Rin's actions in this episode, Haruka would still be struggling.

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After this, Rin left Japan to study swimming at a middle school in Australia. One of Rin's most prominent physical characteristics is his teeth, which are reminiscent of his character animal, the shark.

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You don't even need a pool - with this series, you'll soon be swimming in your own tears. I'll show you a sight you've never seen before Episodes: Haruka stops swimming and Rin, who leaves to study abroad, stops smiling.

Seeing Haruka struggle with trying to find his dream, Rin steps in and sweeps him away to Australia. Rin Matsuoka Highlights 1.

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This is where the story of Free! As a general rule, special order products cannot be canceled. Rin suggests that they bury the trophy they won as a kind of time capsule and dig it back up when they are reunited.

And when that didn't work out, he didn't give up. As a general rule, pre-order products cannot be canceled. In order to train to become an Olympic swimmer, he made the decision to leave all of his friends and family behind and move to Australia to attend a prestigious swimming school - an incredibly difficult thing for a sixth grader to do, never mind alone.

At the climax of the first season, Rin builds himself back up with the help of those around him, gracing us with a smile brighter than anything we've seen before.

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He had gone abroad to study swimming, but his personality changed immensely by the time he had returned to Japan and for this reason he often perplexes his former teammates. Eternal Summer 13 Genre: With this, the affection floodgates open.

This is a monumental moment as it shows that Rin is finally returning to the way he used to be, and how grateful he is to Haru for accepting him. He is so persistent about becoming a winner and he gives cold shoulder to Makoto and Nagisa whom he used to play with in his childhood.

When Haruka became a high school sophomore, they were reunited again. I think his charm is such his strong desire to become a winner with his manly "can-do-it spirit"! Expected Shipment Date This product is only manufactured once ordered. Despite battling depression and an inferiority complex, Rin kept swimming.

It's not an exaggeration to say that Rin and Haru's relationship forms the very basis of Free! Closing Well, that's it for this week's Honey's Crush Wednesday.

He has so many facets to his personality and so much emotional depth, but more than anything, he's imperfect, and that's exactly what makes him feel so real and loveable.

Thanks to this, Haruka is able to get over his fears and realise that he too wants to aim for the Olympics. Products sometimes sell out prior to their release. Other interests include reading far too much bad BL and occasionally trying to create stuff.

Iwatobi Swim Club Rin has been Haruka 's rival since long ago and even now. About Shipping This product can only be shipped to the above countries due to copyright and other region restrictions.

As if that isn't sentimental enough, we also learn that other than becoming an Olympic swimmer, Rin has another dream - to swim in a pool filled with cherry blossoms. But we will find out a little hint at the episode 2. Rin's father died due to the rough ocean current thus drowning. We can see this throughout Eternal Summer, as Rin becomes a pillar of support for both the Samezuka and Iwatobi teams, and in particular, Haruka.

He's not just working hard for himself, but for everyone that he cares about, making us as viewers care for him all the more. We see this for the first time when he's in elementary school, after he, Haruka, Makoto, and Nagisa have won the relay.

With Rin being such an all-round great character, it was ridiculously difficult to narrow the reasons to love him down to just five.

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About Special Order Products Special order products are only manufactured once ordered. This product is expected to ship within business days. Each special order product is manufactured solely for you.

Click here for more information on each shipping method and their limitations. The release date is subject to change. If you've yet to see Free! It is thanks to this trip that both of them are able to pursue their dreams, and stand tall as professional swimmers. Nobody knows for sure why Rin who used to be cheerful and nice has changed.

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While he may not look like a loving brother, he cares for Gou, and is very protective of his sister. That might seem a bit extreme, but it's exactly what Rin decides to do in the penultimate episode of Eternal Summer.

He's a Hard Worker If there's one characteristic about Rin that stays with you long after the anime has ended, it's the way he works incredibly hard to achieve his goals.

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He's A Romantic One of the things that stands out about Rin's character is his romantic nature and his desire to create meaningful connection with others.

They begin training in order to challenge Rin and the rest of the Samezuka Swimming Team, but now that Haruka is back in the water, will Rin's smile also return?

He Takes Haru to Australia Free! But in order to swim faster, he went to further studies in Australia. He has good social skills, gets along with anyone quickly, and has a beautiful smile.

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We learn about his father's death and the pressure Rin puts on himself to carry out his father's dream in his place. But it's not all doom and gloom. We ship via fast and trackable shipping services. Whether it's an arm teasingly slung around someone's shoulder or encouraging hair-ruffling, it seems Rin finds it hard to keep his hands off his nearest and dearest, making him seem more like an adorable puppy than a scary shark.