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Why does polonius send reynaldo on this journey? Tweets per day is based on average tweets per day during the lifetime of an account, taking age of the account into consideration. All elements have equal weight and the average of all 10 elements gives the twopscore.

If the last tweet was between 0 and 30 days ago, the score is between 0 and Reynaldo Hahn was born on August 9, and died on January 28, Who is Reynaldo in Hamlet?

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Why does Polonius send Reynaldo to Blackalicious lyrics passion the flirts In some cases the qualification is either 0 or 10, and in some cases the qualification can be between 0 and The reasoning behind Polonius sending Reynaldo over to France is to see if Laertes is actually there studying art, or if he is just playing around.

Polonius's instructions to Reynaldo demonstrate his belief that? For profile image, bio, location and url, the score is either 0, when it is not submitted, or 10 when it is submitted. He sends Reynaldo to spy on him and observe all his faults, and presumably to report back to Polonius.

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If one were to reach for a contrast, one might say that Hamlet gets a straightforward instruction, "avenge your father," but dithers about it, while Reynaldo gets a bizarre instruction, "go slander my son to see if anyone agrees with you," but follows it with little hesitation.

No, he just wants to see what bad stuff Laertes is getting up to in Paris. We check a Twitter profile for 10 characteristics and each of these characteristics is qualified.

If you sign in with Twitter, you can request a detailed tweet analysis for this account. Polonius sends Reynaldo to spy on Laertes, to make sure that Laertes doesn't make a fool of himself.

We will see him use this technique on Hamlet later on. Why did Polonius send Reynaldo to Paris? If no tweets are submitted, the last tweet was more than 30 days ago, or an account is protected, last tweet scores 0.

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Does Polonius send Reynaldo to Paris to encourage Laertes to return home? Why is Reynaldo obligated to follow Polonius's instructions?

His objective is to find out what kind of misbehaviour Laertes is rumoured to be getting up to by starting rumours that Laertes is misbehaving.

What is the difference between reynaldo and prince Hamlet in William shakespeares Hamlet? It's a father moment: And this seems fair, since certainly Polonius cannot be trusted. Parker seems to have licked that problem. Polonius expects Laertes, when he is in Paris, to spend his time in pubs, brothels and gambling dens.

If you sign in with Twitter, you can request a detailed follower analysis for this account.

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In Hamlet, Reynaldo is obligated to follow the instructions givento him by Polonius because Polonius is his superior Polonius sentReynaldo to Paris so he could spy on Laertes for him.

Clearly he believes that Laertes cannot be trusted. For total followers, tweets and likes we only consider values up to 1, so everything aboves scores a 10, everything below scores pro rata with the actual number. How old was the author of The Outsiders when it was written?

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Reynaldo Hahn would have been 72 years old at the time of death or years old today. He is told that he is supposed to ask people in France what Laertes is actually like does he party, drink, sleep with prostitutes etc.

Why does Polonius do this? Parker has generated more thanbooks, as an advanced search on Amazon. Hamlet is the central character while Reynaldo could be cut out of the play completely and nobody would notice.