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Finally, use the "Mad Skills" save to unlock those trophies along with your Platinum. It came back after a minute and started the system and game. Please do not delete, create new files, or restore old backups of your Resident Evil 6 save file, as your data will be considered invalid for event purposes.

Try to sneak up behind 5 zombies and one-hit melee kill them for a trophy during this first chapter.

If you radiogenic age dating offline or a connection error occurs, or if for any other reason your data is not correctly uploaded at this time, your data will not count towards the event The same applies when data cannot be sent due to site maintenance or malfunction You can track your event progress on your Overview.

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That should make for a nice, legit-looking collection of trophies if that's what you're after. When you do, press the button prompt and you'll end the chapter and get the trophy. After clicking Continue I found my game loaded the from the beginning of the 2nd Chapter, its exactly from where I ended yesterday and started today morning.

Resident Evil 6 % Complete – Save Game FAQ

Now run ahead, blowing away any enemies blocking your path until you reach the motorcycle. Again, wait an hour or so until you do the next chapter's saves these are LONG chapters for this game, for the most part. Sprint away from it dodging the cannon blasts and quickly dart to the small alcove to the LEFT when the camera shifts at the end.

Wait at least an hour or an hour and a half before completing the next chapter's save. Where does my rest of the progress gone? Please also check the general participation notes below Rules -1, medals earned across all players -The medals valid for this event are as follows: Once you've completed all chapters for all 4 characters, NOW you can unlock the end game difficulty trophies with the "Ada CH5" save I mean, I was in middle of the 4th chapter but it is starting from the 2nd chapter now?

Run back up to the previous platform and then back again to lure the tank to push the statue.

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Today I kept playing and successfully completed half of the 4th chapter as well when my computer suddenly got turned off due to some power failure in my house.

Today I continued the game and it started right from where I stopped yesterday night. So, if you wish to give thanks, please do so at that thread linked below. All OK so far.

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At the end of Chapter 1, you'll get that chapter's trophy and then you can upgrade a skill with the points you've been collecting.

Along the way, you'll also unlock various trophies once you beat a chapter -- the one for medals comes to mind if you mess about with Leon's Chapter 5 boss for a long time like I did, for example. Participation prize The basic reward is 10, RE Points, awarded to all players.

Participation conditions Users who have acquired at least one of the target medals during the event. Chapter 1, then 2, then 3, and so on. NOW, start using the saves.

Resident Evil 6 Save Game Download for PC

Also, if you wish to use these saves and make your trophy collecting look totally legit, here's the best path to take: Upgrade at least 1 for that trophy.

I've labeled each "1 Leon," "2 Chris," etc. Last edited by solidsnoova; at Each block of medals earned over the target awards 1, RE Points An additional bonus is awarded to all players depending on how much they contributed All players receive an EX3 costume of their choice if the target is met If the target is not met, the base reward and contribution bonuses are halved.

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For the first zombie, J'avo and the end boss of Leon Chapter 2 I thinkyou'll get the trophies for Zombie kills during Leon's campaignJ'avo kills during Chris' or Jake's campaign and "tough" enemies with the end boss of Leon Chapter 2 -- these are unavoidable if you kill one of each enemy, so you might as well bite the bullet and do it another reason why I suggested you play Chapter 1 to the end legit.

Since you can chapter select after beating the game for any of these, you can do these in any order.

Resident Evil 6 100% Save File + Save File HWID Swapper

Doesn't matter if you do Chris's story or Jake's story first or whatever, but make sure you are doing them sequentially It use to save automatically when we reach the checkpoint. Before going to sleep I played the first chapter and later checked my save files, it was created and saved in my save game directory.

Event data is uploaded during the Results screen at the end of a chapter or stage. Important info Your gaming system must be connected to the internet. If you want this to look legit, when you are at the results screen, you'll need to turn off your PS3 completely once you get the end chapter trophy so ONLY that trophy unlocks and not the end game difficulty trophies.

I now need to play the next 3 chapters again which means about 5 hours of gameplay again. No matter if it is completed upto 3rd Chapter.

Resident Evil 6 %100 Save Download

Now as you all might be aware that save system provided in this 6th installment is same like its earlier installments which wont allow us to save the game manually. Get a feel for the controls because, with the story saves, you'll have to complete objectives, fight bosses, quickly enter QTE button prompts and even successfully sneak by enemies, so a good working knowledge of the controls will temper any frustrations later on.

I installed Resident Evil 6 on my PC yesterday night.

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