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Banna studied singing and conducting at the High Institute for Music in Moscow, one of the world's more challenging conservatory environments.

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Rim creating an exciting concert, with a message of hope, dignity and freedom for the Palestinian people. Both are working together in the music field, composing their own music. After the release of two live records, Jafra and Your Tears, Motherand six years of formal study, Banna graduated from the High Institute in Rim Banna's popularity and reputation as a cultural advocate and political agitator continue to flourish.

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Upon the couple's return to Banna's native region, she released a collection of Palestinian children's songs that were on the edge of disappearance. A part of our work consists of collecting traditional Palestinian texts without melodies. Rim Banna also presents the modern Palestinian Arabic song, which has been received with enthusiasm from the Arab world and the International community.

The record featured female singers from a variety of nations deemed enemies of freedom by George W. Bush singing traditional lullabies alongside English-language stars in hopes of introducing their music and culture dating age limit in arkansas Western peoples.

Banna accepted the invitation, and the two artists did a show together.

About Rim Banna

She born in Nazareth, in the Galilee. Banna continued to seek out Palestinian texts and set them to traditionally influenced music, becoming a cultural icon among Israeli Arabs. So that the texts do not get lost, we try to compose melodies for them that are modern, yet inspired by traditional Palestinian music.

InRim Banna got married to Leonid Alexeienko from Ukraine, who studied music with her in the same institute in Moscow. The album includes "songs of despair and hope" about the lives of "a struggling people, and even a song about late Palestinian leader and PA president Arafat in a way that is both thoughtful and subtle".

April Blossoms (Songs From Palestine Dedicated To All The Children)

Her album, This Was Not My Story, found a place on European charts among the year's most popular world music releases. This relates to the song, its tunes and music, and performance. Her music is described as "haunting, emotional, at times bordering on kitsch.

And that includes bringing people elsewhere closer to the music and soul of the Palestinians. Her message was often focused on the suffering of Palestinians, particularly those West Bank. Banna's follow-up, The Mirrors of My Soul, caught the attention of audiences the world over, becoming one of 's most acclaimed Arabic crossover releases.

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Her songs are categorized as a post modern and highly appreciated Arabic song that promises a bright future for the Arabic song in The Arab World and at the international level. I try to write songs that fit my voice.

That same year she married Ukrainian musician and former classmate Leonid Alexeienko, with whom she relocated to Nazareth. Rim Banna The Palestinian singer, lyricist and composer. The album dedicated to all the Palestinian and the Arab political detainees in the Israeli prisons 9.

April Blossoms - Songs from Palestine Dedicated to All the Children, 2009

She blends them with modern singing styles because, Oriental singing techniques are mostly ornamental… But my voice is more two-dimensional, thicker.

Produced in cooperation with a Norwegean quintetit features "Western pop styling" fused with Middle Eastern modal and vocal structures, and Arabic lyrics.

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Rim has 10 albums: She graduated in after six years of academic studies, and specialized in modern singing and conducting singing ensembles. President Bush from female singers in Palestine, Iraq, Iran, and Norway," [5] brings these women together with others from North Korea, Syria, Cuba, and Afghanistan, to sing traditional lullabies from their lands in duet form with English-language performers whose translation allows the songs to reach a Western audience.

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I want to create something new in every respect. Expand text… She brings it forth from the desert rhythm in the south, from the long lived song of the sea that spread all over the Palestinian sea shore, from the inspiration of the charming nature and its colors from the meadows and plains, from the returning echo that roams between mountains and valleys, from the sounds of The Ancient Canaanite Hymns, which accompanied streams of sweet waters in its swing among rocks and over small white stones, from the chirping of the sparrows and the garden nightingales, who never emigrate, such as the blessed olive tree, the resisting cactus on the borders of the orchards, and the holy grape tree that spread all over the hills of the Palestinian land.

Having achieved stardom in the region, Rim Banna became noteworthy on an international level with her appearance on the various-artists release Lullabies from the Axis of Evil.

Her first concert in Beirut took place on 22 March The Dream served to preserve and re-popularize the nearly forgotten repertoire.