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Others may have outputs labeled "AUX.

RCA Surround Sound Connections: Analog Audio Explained

Guess that was better than some cheap soundbar. In most cases, if you wanted to send multichannel audio to an AV receiver or amplifier, you would use a digital audio connection such as an HDMI connectoroptical digital audio or coaxial digital audio.

This simulation may not be precisely how the movie markers or others who created the original audio intended it to sound. You don't really need a special cable for connecting to a device with an analog multichannel output. This is best for stopping an unwanted muddying effect, as well as for preventing any neighbors from spying on you while you snuggle up with your special someone.

This signal will include any multi-channel audio encoded in the original source, so if you use this option, you won't usually need to connect your other devices such as Blu-ray players to your surround sound receiver.

What does a surround sound RCA connection do?

Use these jacks and plugs clipart icons for drawing hook up diagrams. There are six RCA jacks for each of the 5. Some interface types use only a distinctive connector or family of connectors, to ensure compatibility.

This would be typical on something like a Blu-ray or DVD player - although not all players will have these. Some surround sound systems have ports for each speaker that you simply plug the appropriate connector into.

How Do You Connect an RF Modulator to a TV?

Today, had a friend over, we tried several different configurations to hook it up using the cables I had, digital cables he had, no sound at all except thru the RCA cables. He specializes in technology and communications. Surround sound hookup Every device is different, so consult your manual for details.

Contrary to what the name suggests, this is not literally multi-channel surround sound; instead, the television will use the feature to take a multi-channel surround sound signal and convert it into a stereo signal that plays through the TV's built-in stereo speakers but simulates surround sound.

Also, most surround setups automatically switch inputs and outputs, making an RCA switch unnecessary.

How Do You Hook up a Surround Sound System to a Television?

What this does is extract a sort of surround from a stereo signal. Manufacturer and model number please! If your receiver only supports RCA connections the Red and White plugs then you should start shopping for a new receiver.

Vizio recommends using HDMI for audio unless you don't have the appropriate connections on your receiver. Some of these connectors, and other types of connectors, are also used at radio frequency RF to connect a radio or television receiver to an antenna or to a cable system Optical Cable Vizio's inch televisions have a digital output socket for carrying a digital audio signal to a surround sound receiver or speaker system.

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But that won't get you actual 5. Just make sure you connect the same jacks together between the player output and the amplifier input - front right output to front right input, centre output to centre input, front left output to front left input etc.

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You have to talk to me like I'm a two-year-old because I've no idea about any of this stuff. Connect a cable to the television Plug one end of a cable into the corresponding output connection on the television set.

How Do You Hook up a Surround Sound System to a Television? |

For example a surround soundtrack on a DVD or Blu-ray. An interface may define a connector that is used only by that interface e. Because most people are not hermits watching custodes in solitude, you will probably have a variety of seating locations.

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Since both analog and digital signals are used with some styles of connectors, knowledge of the interface used is necessary for a successful transfer of signals.

Many amplifiers have a "TV" input. Because the cable is analog, you may notice sound imperfections if you use a damaged or inferior-quality cable. There are no digital input connections on this receiver so far as I can tell, so it's doubtful this receiver is even capable of decoding 5.

What does a surround sound RCA connection do? That way, all you have to do is connect a single HDMI wire from each of your sources to the receiver, one from the receiver to the HDTV, and hook up your speakers.

What does a surround sound RCA cable look like?

I think that should be the other way around. Other remote frequencies may cause unwanted actions from the sound bar such as a change in sound volume and also it may block the IR frequencies going to a television. I appreciate all the help and will go over this tonight when I get home.

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It has old Dolby Pro Logic. Especially with analog interfaces, physically interchangeable connectors may not carry compatible signals.

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