Prevod za film Radio Vihor zove Andjeliju () Prevod za film Radio Vihor zove Andjeliju ()

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Radio Whirlwind Calls Andjelija

And certain things are in the suite that shouldn't be, and certain things that should be in the suite are missing. The morning after their arrival in Las Vegas, they awaken in their hotel suite each with the worst hangover.

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And even worse, they may not find Doug at all before the wedding. Two days before the wedding, the four men in the wedding party - Doug, Doug's two best buddies Phil Wenneck and Stu Price, and Tracy's brother Alan Garner - hop into Tracy's father's beloved Mercedes convertible for a hour stag party to Las Vegas.

Her evil mother, the owner of local motel engages her to a low key redneck waiter and cruel folk music managers try to sexually abuse her The phenomenon of tourism arrives to a remote village.

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Because she disapproves of traditional male bonding rituals, Stu has to lie to her cavidotti elettrici interrationaldatingcentral the stag, he telling her that they are going on a wine tasting tour in the Napa Valley.

However they are on a race for time as if they can't find Doug in the next few hours, they are going to have to explain to Tracy why they are not yet back in Los Angeles.

And Alan seems to be unaware of what are considered the social graces of the western world.

Radio Vihor zove Anđeliju

None remembers what happened in the past twelve or so hours. Stu, a dentist, is worried about everything, especially what his controlling girlfriend Melissa thinks.

This essentially dark story is done as a comedy like most of the Communist films that depict life in the Serbian countryside. As Phil, Stu and Alan try to find Doug using only what little pieces of information they have at hand, they go on a journey of discovery of how certain things got into the suite and what happened to the missing items.

RVZA is the third film in that mould and certainly the weakest.

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Probably the most important in the latter category is Doug. Phil, a married high school teacher, has the same maturity level as his students when he's with his pals.

The suite is in shambles. Regardless, he intends on eventually marrying her, against the advice and wishes of his friends. But as it is, it is a broad Zivanovic flop.

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She is desperately in love with local poet and pipe player. The story follows romantic life of country girl Andjelija who tries to pursue a career in folk music.

Radio Vihor zove Andjeliju

A married couple sells their property to open a motel, which would be a starting point for their daughter Andjelija's singing career. The local radio-amateur and Andjelija's boyfriend helps them to achieve these goals, but Andjelija is more interested in her love life than her career.

Afterwards he made two exploitation pictures that were extremely bankable due to their folk music appeal and partly funded by certain Yugoslav factories that were located in regions where these features were filmed.