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They are equipped with mobile units discovered, such as jeeps or convertibles, thanks to which they can quickly reach the required events. Inthe issue was digitized, and since then the transmission quality can not be matched with analog equipment.

Inconstruction of the first mobile studio Stargate marked the beginning of a new editorial policy: Sincethanks to the acquisition of business of other Calabrian issuers, leaving the boundaries of the historic Ionian coast of the Province of Reggio Calabria, expanding its customer base in Calabria and then adjacent regions.

Created to support all external activities of Studio54 Network, became in a team for the animation of any event, whether or not produced by Studio 54 Network.

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The travelling show also broadcast live on the internet lasts an entire day and includes special guests, music, games, entertainment, and a disco. You can help by converting this section to prose, if appropriate.

Studio 54 Stargate[ edit ] Studio 54 Stargate hosts the station's main activities and live broadcasts. Studio54network offers a wide selection of hostesses and models selected from throughout the country.

In he was one of the first Italian radios perform transmission experiments, especially regarding webcasting technology in Real Audio. Inits name changed "Studio 54 Network".

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History[ edit ] This section is in a list format that may be better presented using prose. Italia in Prima Pagina, information and in-depth analysis, from The external Studio 54 Network Teams, as well as the organization of instore promotions at national level, meet the delivery models, and are structured to provide services in direct supply to companies and professionals in subcontracting and other agencies in the sector.

Like almost all the free radio stations began as a game, and then in the early s, came the awareness of not leaving behind career goals. It is a fully equipped mobile radio and television studio comprising three units: This was the first time in Calabria that this was achieved, and the first time in Italy that this technology is fully utilized for this purpose.

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