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By the way, have you ordered your food? That Lebaran was special because we could gather completely, because none of the family was unable to come. I want a strawberry toasted-bread. Listening Online Bagikan ke teman: The palace was getting full.

They presented it for you to express their happiness, because you have growing to a woman. Akhirnya, lebaran hari ke empat kami memutuskan untuk kembali pulang ke rumah dengan membawa sejuta cerita. I woke up early to prepare everything before following the Eid prayer at Setelah dodol tersebut selesai diaduk dan siap dihidangkan, dodol tersebut di bagi-bagikan ke pada tetangga, teman dan sahabat kami.

So, people of that kingdom went to palace. Saya berharap lebaran tahun depan kami bisa ke sana lagi. Latihan listening ini sangat berpengaruh pada kemampuan atau skill berbahasa Inggris seseorang karena sekalipun kita sudah mampu mengucapkan abjad bahasa Inggris dari A sampai Z dengan fasih, dalam kenyataannya banyak kata-kata yang diucapkan tanpa mengikuti bunyi huruf yang sebenarnya.

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After taking pictures, I also tasted a variety of cakes made by my mother and my sisters. These activities were so much fun, because we could share stories and foods.

There is only a small lake now. Sorry for making you wait. Every woman felt sad and began crying too. Everybody admired her beauty. The beautiful necklace was broken. They gave what ever she wanted.

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I will get you some tissues then. Lebaran itu adalah lebaran yang sangat menyenangkan sekali. Well, that is so nice, Tony. Kegiatan itu sangat menyenangkan. After that, we took pictures in order to make it a wonderful keepsake.

And you pretty lass? They never thought that their beloved princess would do that cruel thing. I can drink this? Even though the princess behaved badly, her parents loved her, so did the people in that kingdom. Although we only stayed at grandparents' house, we could meet almost all relatives who lived in Kuningan.

Finally, on the fourth day of Eid al-Fitr, we decided to go back home with a million stories. Very well, please wait. After that I and my family visited closed neighbors, closed friends, and some relatives for having silatulrohim. It was a very happy condition.

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Prabu got up from his chair. It was the first time we celebrated lebaran there. Saya suka sekali dengan sambal baksonya sangat pedas dan enak. In a few days, Princess would be 17 years old. Um… you look sweaty. The activity was very pleasant. We spent time together by talking each other and eat together.

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They love you so much. I know it must have been so thirsty of being trapped by the traffic jam at this hot day. Kami sangat jarang bisa berkunjung ke kuningan karena orang tua kami yang sibuk bekerja. No girls could compare with her. Kebersamaan dan kekompakan kami sangat dibutuhkan untuk menyelesaikan misi itu.

I wish you like it. At that time, we recorded the trip together with a pocket camera, while shouting "My Lebaran My Adventure".

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Every time the family gathers, we always do a habit to make dodol together. A lady gave him a small and glamorous pillow.

Prabu only took some gold and jewels. Thus, hearing that we were going to celebrate lebaran at grandfather's house was truly encouraging. Awalnya, ini dapat dilakukan dengan sangat mudah. Cukup seru dan menyenangkan karena kami harus mencari-cari terlebih dulu sebelum sampai ke rumah-rumah mereka.

I bring my own facial tissues.

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All people in the kingdom felt happy. It made Princess a very spoiled girl. I hope the next Eid al-Fitr, we can go there again. Setelah shalat subuh, mandi, dan sarapan saya segera berangkat ke Masjid dengan keluarga untuk melaksanakan shalat Idul Fitri. The lake sank all of the kingdom.

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Prabu and his wife waved to their beloved people. We spent the time together with making dodol together.

Prabu was a kind and wise king.

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Then everybody was crying. These colors come from shadows of forest, plants, flowers, and sky around the lake.

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It made the royal couple very, very sad. I will always keep this beautiful necklace as a gift from you in our first date. This necklace is a gift from people in this country.