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Terrestrial radiations from natural Radio isotopes originate from the use of radioactive materials. Artificial Radioactivity The phenomena by which even light elements are made radioactive by artificial or induce method is called as artificial radioactivity. Effects of Radioactivity Radioactive pollution is naturally occurring or radiactividad artificial yahoo dating produced radioactive materials.

Geiger-Muller counter is based on this effect. Wzoe online dating radiation is also used in agriculture to sterilize male pupae an insect that could damage crops.

All known elements with an atomic number greater than 83 bismuth are radioactive, and many isotopes of elements with lower atomic numbers are radioactive too.


Natural Radioactivity All heavy elements from bismuth through uranium and a few of lighter elements have naturally occurring isotopes which possess the property of radioactivity. These isotopes have unstable nuclei and attain stability through the phenomenon of radioactivity. These materials are used in the production of nuclear weapons nuclear fuel and electric power.

A different isotope of sodium is injected into the limb and its flow rate in the body is studied.

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This effect is used for quantitative measurement of radioactivity. The electrons immediately become attached to the neutral molecules, thus making them negative ions.

The rapid response of nuclear techniques results in reduced cost with increased product quality. O The process in which a stable isotope is converted into a radioactive element by artificial transmutation is called artificial radioactivity.

Radioactivity Detector This is the most important factor need to know. Example of artificial Radioactive: Radioactive sodium is used to detect a clot in the human body.


For example, uraniuma very unstable element, goes through 18 different stages of decay before finally turning into a stable isotope of lead, lead The various experiments confirmed that the phenomenon of radioactivity does not depend on the orbital electrons but depends only on the composition of a nucleus.

The mutated genes can persist in human animal and plant populations. The emission of subatomic particles and rays due to the disintegration of the atomic nuclei of certain isotopes of some elements. This is effective pest control as it reduces the population of insects.

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The radiations cause a number of molecules of the gas to lose electrons and pass into positive ions. The radiation, including alpha particles, nucleons, electrons, and gamma rays, emitted by a radioactive substance.

Radioactive wastes cause pollution the high-level products of nuclear wastes remain in the environment for hundreds of years leakage and nuclear reactors also cause large-scale environmental pollution the leakage might lead to several deaths.

Another agricultural use of radioisotopes is the genetic modification of plants and animals.


The emission of rays and subatomic particles from the nuclei of certain elements decaying into others, notably uranium and its decay products, down to, but excluding, lead.

Radiations produce ionization in the gases through which they are passed. The property of disintegration of a radioactive material is independent of temperature, pressure and other external conditions.

An unstable nucleus gives off particles and energy in a process known as radioactivity.

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The rate of production of these ions is proportional to the intensity of radiation. Sealed radioactive sources are used in industrial radiography gauging applications and mineral analysis.

In the nuclei of other atoms, especially of heavy ones such as uranium atoms, this energy is not great enough, and the nuclei are unstable. Nuclear techniques are increasingly used in industry and environmental management.

Radioactive rays possessing high-energy pollute air, ar dehe, and soil.