Phill Jupitus on Qi - Black Pepper, sir? Phill Jupitus on Qi - Black Pepper, sir?

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Is it the Welsh alphabet? He was butch, like me! He may well have preferred man-on-man action, that doesn't mean he was Julian Clary!

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It must have been a really really lanky plumber who put it up. What am I thinking? We're the only creatures, Johnny, who like to show off. The fourth largest navy in the world, if one goes by boats alone?

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In space, no-one can hear you apologize. Here we go again.

Phill Jupitus

You're basing all this on what Stephen Hawking says, and the fact is, he's subject to interference from minicabs. Bryan Adams wrote one. Yes, Mars is one. Holmes was retired by this point, and was keeping bees on the Sussex Downs.

How many moons does the earth have? The effete Italian homosexual?

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They'll be making films next! I know that the stingray sucks food up from the sea bed.

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Your time starts now. It qi phill jupitus flirting quotes locate and suck up food from a foot below the surface of the sea bed.


And so the provisions are Pluto is a planet! Who comes up with this shit? How do you spell ribbit? Might have been a fountain.

Phill Jupitus

No one can see it-- Stephen Fry: So why is there, uh How do otters kill crocodiles? Woman in the audience: What is the most boring place in Britain? She went to have a smear test and the doctor said, "Well, I've got some good news and some bad news.

Softly with their songs. It was discovered by Clive Tombaugh in exactly, yes.

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It is actually possible for the ball sack to be stretched beyond recognition. I nearly injured myself the other day.

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The earth has one moon which is made of cheese. But isn't that how socialism was invented, that someone said, "Come, let us lick each other's elbows"?

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Can I be in the gay community? Much more fun, I assure you, much more fun. Which is the only way you can play this game!

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Is it the Big Brother House? In the last 9 years, no romantic songs, as far as I know, have been written at all.

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It must have been. You're watching QI for the Straight Guy. I was standing at the urinal and it was so high I had to stand on tip toe, and I nearly pulled a muscle in the hamstring area.

How did you know?

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It was a font in a church. How many planets are there in the solar system? Disney has the fourth largest flotilla in the world. This is a not quite interesting? What's the biggest load of rubbish in the world?

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So you're telling me there's a second moon? You could call the American Indians, or Native Americans, you could call them Aboriginals if you wanted. By no criterion by which planets are judged could Pluto be said What begins with A, has six Cs, and no Bs?