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Furthermore, the foetus, having a direct access to the maternal vascular system, can introduce a number of strategically important substances for its survival into the maternal organism.

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But he wonders if the idea of harmonious cohabitation is nothing but an illusion and formulates the question: Hence Freud discovers that a continuous incessant attempt of being able to magically return to a pre-traumatic situation exists in human beings, which then incessantly feeds all our painful repetitions.

With the supply of erotism the human need for love intended in the widest sense the egoistic drives transform themselves into social drives: The evolutionary biologist from Harvard, David Haig, also considers pregnancy a process which does not develop in perfect harmony.

Our greatest psychic pains are our lost ones: Something interesting to talk about with your crush flirt loss creates that which makes life beautiful: The aggressiveness is insuppressible, it is inherent in nature.

I like to consider that the categories closest to the clinical aspects, psychoanalysts, anthropologists and ethnologists practically agree: Finally in the third phase, afterpsicoanalisi freud yahoo dating is no longer considered a manifestation of the Ego drives, but as a manifestation of an autonomous death drive.

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The mechanisms put in use are numerous: These primitive instincts must make a long evolutive journey before they can operate in the adult human being.

Psicoanalisi freud yahoo dating was at stake — Freud hypothesised — was the control of the anguish produced by losing the object the wooden reel which symbolised the mother. Haig reminds us how the most intimate human relationship is that between a mother and her foetus.

On the other side, a society in which repression of violence, certainty of Justice, assumption of the blame and expiation of the misdoings become weaker, is condemned to an inevitable explosive disintegration. But here Freud becomes superhuman and makes a capital leap: These are the phantasies of the New Man that in thousands of years of documental history, strangely enough, have not found any real confirmation.

Many categories of scientists have dealt with the study of human aggressiveness. I believe though, that many of you, especially those of you who have a psychic structure which is more permeable towards your own preconscious contents, can remember dreams in which the aggressive activity explodes in a paroxysmal form, killing, slaughtering and destroying.

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Now, the aggressiveness is innate and acts since the intrauterine period but I will refer to this shortly and it is modelled, smoothed and domesticated so to speak by two great forces one inside the individual and the other outside him: Categories inclined to the philosophical constructions of the ideological principals, the environmental ones, believe on the contrary that human beings are born lacking the aggressive instinct and that this is generated uniquely by frustration or by social conditioning.

The latter is very interesting. Haig, as Peluffo had already emphasised in his works, reminds us that the embryo, since its first implantation, sends out cells that invade the uterine lining which destroy the maternal endometrium and open a number of veritable pumping mouths in the maternal vessels: I would like to conclude regarding this with the words of Nicola Peluffo: Haig sometimes mentions that the placenta may have an inadequate supply of maternal blood: They are inhibited and deviated towards other aims and other spheres, they intermix, change their objects and they partially direct themselves onto the subject itself.

In the work Freud reminds us that the drives undergo a constant rearrangement from birth onwards: You will say to me that dreaming is a chaotic activity without any sense: It seems to me that from this point of view we are moving dangerously closer to the point of no return.

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If such hegemony existed, the majority of our psychic processes would be accompanied by or would bring pleasure, while the universal experience energetically counterposes this conclusion, he says. The spermatozoon, which has undergone the sperm activation during the transit along the female genital ducts, encounters the egg: Regarding this, far more pungent than me was Freud who wrote: The internal one is the Eros, the libido, the sexual drive.

On an extreme level we can say that at the basis of the human mind there is only sexuality, aggressiveness and dreaming and all the wonders that we have created during the course of our history such as art, technology, literature, poetry and music are a distillation, through sublimation, of the three cardinal activities: From this point of view, therefore, the human aggressiveness appears to be insuppressible.

Earlier I spoke to you about the maternal-foetus aggressiveness. Haig, thus confirming the observations from the psychic aspect made by psychoanalysts of the Peluffo schooling, affirms that mother and foetus engage in an unconscious fight for nourishment and for mutual survival.

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Recently confirmation has also arrived from the Evolutionary Biology. From this point of view you can understand how, on one side, a healthy society is a society which does not repress erotism: We can think of how much aggressiveness was used by our ancient progenitors killing animals to obtain food or to defend themselves and their own offspring from wild beasts or from the attacks of hostile human groups.

Haig also thinks that the conflict can even continue after birth and influence the future life, explaining psychological disorders such as depression and autism.

It is sufficient to think of the infinite slaughter of death and destruction that Fascism, Nazism and Communism have brought us in only years of experimentation. The external factor is the educational constriction which represents the demands of the civil society and it is later replaced by its direct pressure.