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Ezio told him to save his strength, or else he would be delivering a corpse.

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Prezi presentations are really popular today given their unique presentation layout where you have one big prezi that can be zoomed into several views. He instructed Ezio to meet him by the harbor when he was ready to follow, and after doing so, returned the money stolen from Ezio by prezi pazzi yahoo dating of his men.

No mercy for you, dog! He agreed, and as he instructed his men to look for the conspirators at the other half of Tuscany, Mario trained Ezio further in combat at Monteriggioni, teaching him how to evade an enemy's incoming attack.

Further questioning La Volpe, Ezio asked him if he knew a way inside. Ezio reassured him that it will never come to that, stating that it would be an opportunity to get close and end the conspirators' plan.

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After successfully doing so, Ezio and Flirty aprons groupon deal received word from one of the mercenariessaying that they have located one of the conspirators.

Stefano da Bagnone asked if their plan was had consent from the Popeto which Rodrigo Borgiawho entered the room, replied that the Pope gave his tacit blessing on the operation, as long as no one was killed.

Beside him stood a young Giovanni Auditore, soaked in water and smiling at him. He was followed closely by his brother Giuliano, accompanied by his own mistress.

All the while, Lorenzo fended off his attackers, and prepared to defend himself from the Pazzi guard. Telling Ezio to look for La Volpe there, the two bid each other farewell and good fortune. Francesco and Bernardo attacking Giuliano Planning to stop the attack, Ezio stepped in to defend Lorenzo.

He saw Rodrigo Borgia, who was furious at the failure of the Pazzi to end the rule of the Medici, and also by the fact that Ezio managed to dispose of their other Templar brothers.

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Ezio asked how he knew his name, and Volpe replied that it is his business to know everything about Florence, which was the very reason Ezio had come looking for him.

Aftermath "Do you know what became of the Pazzi once your hunt was finished? Sixtus IV appointed his nephew Riario as the new governor of Imola, and Francesco Salviati as archbishop of Pisaa city that was a former commercial rival but now subject to Florence. Dealing with the remainder of the guards that patrolled the area, Ezio left the villa to search for the other conspirators.

After speaking words of respect, Ezio left the scene, and proceeded to locate the last of the conspirators. Using some smoke bombs to ensure an easy escape, Ezio left the countryside, and returned to San Gimignano.

As he did, the citizens of Florence rallied at the terrace of the Signoria, demanding liberty. After this, Ezio did what he was instructed and made his way into the catacombs. Cool Prezi Template Are you about make your own Prezi presentation and looking for solid inspirations?

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Rodrigo Borgia stabbing Jacopo Jacopo, twitching and faltering weakly, was then stabbed by the Venetian, causing him to fall to the ground, groveling in the dirt. Ezio asked for his money back to call it even, having no intention of killing the thief.

The women were forbidden to marry and the family tombstones were erased. Almost certain that his life was at its end, he soon fell into unconsciousness. The most advanced prezi presentations also include a state of the art 3D effect for more realistic experiences. Francesco della Roverewho came from a poor family in Liguriawas elected pope in Lorenzo did manage to save the nephew of Sixtus IV, Cardinal Raffaele Riariowho was almost certainly an innocent dupe of the conspirators, as well as two relatives of the conspirators.

The Templars meeting under the Novella He overheard a prayer being proclaimed by Antonio Maffeiand as it ended, the group questioned Bernardo Baroncelli about the equipment.

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Ezio told him to have some respect for death. Ezio gave chase, trying to catch Baroncelli as the guards in turn attempted to catch him. Rodrigo mockingly reassured him that he knew what will happen next, and proceeded to stab him in the chest.

Before Ezio could act, Baroncelli slashed Giuliano's neck, causing him to bleed heavily. Ezio thanked him for this, but before he could leave, Lorenzo gave him another Codex page, taken from the files of Francesco de' Pazzi, as a gift.

He also remarked that the Pope has given them support. Assassination of a town crier Antonio: Lorenzo's courage and charisma convinced Ferrante to support Lorenzo's attempts at brokering a peace and intercede, albeit ineffectually, with Sixtus IV. From there, he proceeded to make his way out of the Novella to contact La Volpe.

Ezio then asked Lorenzo what happened to Jacopo and the other conspirators. There are even screen adverts along the streets with high quality presentations that capture the eye of those passing by, leading to sale and increase in sales volume.

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In response, Ezio told him that he was not the only one who lost a brother to the Pazzi. With no help coming from Florence's traditional allies in Bologna and MilanLorenzo was faced with dire prospects and adopted an unorthodox course of action: Meeting in a nearby village, a mercenary informed Ezio that the Archbishop of Pisa, Francesco Salviati, found refuge in his personal villa.

Ezio absolved him of blame, stating it was the fault of others, not Lorenzo. Seeing this as a major threat, Lorenzo tried to recover his strength so that he may take matter into his own hand. Lorenzo de' Medici had arranged in May to buy it from Galeazzo Maria Sforzathe duke of Milanforfiorini d'orobut Sforza subsequently agreed to sell it instead to Sixtus for 40, ducatsprovided that his illegitimate daughter Caterina Sforza was married to Girolamo Riario.

Ezio, learning that some guards were disguised as monks, moved in the abbey with caution. Ezio disagreed, saying he had other business to attend to first. He instructed the men to do what they deemed necessary to achieve this aim, and said that he would give them whatever support he could.

Upon meeting him, La Volpe instructed Ezio to follow him through the rooftops. La Volpe told him that the entrance was located at the wall of the Novella, which was marked by a small mechanism.

A list of his co-conspirators. Well, you have several cool prezi template sample formats out there with wonderful 3D effects, dramatic use of Zoom effects, stunning graphics, excellent voiceover and many more interesting effects.

La Volpe was not surprised by this, dismissing it to be typical behavior from Sixtus. Meeting with a mercenary near the Monte Oliveto MaggioreEzio was told that Stefano was at an abbey, along with his fellow monks. Activating the old mechanisms still functioning in the tombs, and dealing with the guards that were stationed by the Pazzi, Ezio located the meeting place of the Templars.

He tried to think of the possibilities that favored his side, and as he did, Ezio moved even closer to Baroncelli. Just then, another guard of the Medici arrived, reporting to them that the city was in chaos.

The Archbishop of Pisa Ezio: Ezio urged him to rest, assuring him that he would handle the conspirators.

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As he looked on, his money pouch was stolen by a thief. Pope Sixtus was approached for his support. The mercenary gave Ezio command over a few of his men, for the villa was heavily protected by the guards of the Pazzi.