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Additional Photos Elvis fans mourn his death at a memorial at the civic center on Aug.

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Mark Price and Leah Hocking both deliver good laughs; he as the nice-guy nerd and she in the Ann-Margaret role as an intellectual sexpot. So this warrants the question who the hell voted for her???? The idea of a musical telling the story of an unlikable anti-hero was quite new in and although he joo won and ivy dating admired the production, the chief critic of the New York Times ended his evaluation with the now famous question, "Although Pal Joey is expertly done, can you draw sweet water from a foul well?

It's truly one of the great pieces of Broadway criticism.

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And by the way In fact, it seems there's only one person in town who's a segregationist; the mayor. Because of John O'Hara's book.

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The civic center only kept a portion of those, so people could keep the rest as mementos. So when someone told Gonyea on Aug. Last week, a pair of tickets for the Aug.

And you know something The cause of death was heart failure after years of prescription drug abuse. Courtesy photo Search photos available for purchase: I just wish that such an expertly created evening could have been built around more inspired, and original, material. Not to be confused with plotless revues, ballets and shows adapted from older musicals using theatre songs The obvious dramatic problem is that plots become convoluted and songs do little to develop the characters or advance the plot.

But although there's a sense of comedy in the air, the actual jokes just aren't funny. I thought he looked bad then; I guess I was expecting him to still be young and trim.

At one point, True Fans for Elvis held a fundraiser at which people got their refunds from the civic center, then donated the money to the American Heart Association.


Maybe even its investors. The show was scheduled for Aug. Producers are well aware that mounting interesting, well-crafted musicals that take risks may get you some good reviews, but light-hearted familiar fun with plenty of eye candy will get you paying customers. Woolard's attractive and often funny costumes.

Elvis Presly - All shook up

She figured it was just the kind of rumor other fans had warned her about. David Rockwell 's set supplies wild bursts of kinetic energy, mixed with nostalgic touches and colorful fun.

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Jenn Gambatese is an appealing tomboy head-over-heals for Jackson and enjoyable contributions are also made by John JellisonSharon Wilkins and an outstanding singing, dancing and acting ensemble. Even if it's mindless fluff, I get more enjoyment from good writing than all the sets and dances and kick-ass performances you can load into two and a half hours.

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In his review, Atkinson states that although so much of Pal Joey is artistically outstanding -- the Rodgers and Hart Score, George Abbott's direction, Robert Alton's dances, Gene Kelly and Vivienne Segal's leading performances -- he simply could not enjoy this musical which is now considered a great landmark.

Dickey, 81, is a member of True Fans for Elvis and is also the manager of a nationally-known Elvis tribute performer, Robert Washington of Auburn. If not, click here. Many fans, including Alice Dickey of South Portland, still have their tickets and are very active in their love of Elvis.

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All Shook Up is the best damn jukebox musical I've ever seen. His music was playing in the background, and people just came in and sat.

Specifically, the despicable title character. This seems like a good start because the All Shook Up cast has a mixture of black and white actors and one of the reasons white people resisted Elvis' music was that much of it was influenced by gospel and rhythm and blues. Its competing musicals all closed long, long ago and the ABBA jukebox show is still a hot ticket.

The Portland shows were to be the first of a new leg of his concert tour.