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Ash vs cynthia

Siddhant Sharma Il y a 8 mois Oh yes!! Using only Darkrai, Tobias easily won eight Badges in the Sinnoh region and quickly advanced through the first four rounds of the Lily of the Valley Conference. Charles Johnson Il y a 8 mois Reckless is kind of a double-edged sword.

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Barry passed him in a hallway and was scared by the way he came off. Darkrai managed to defeat his HeracrossTorkoal and Gible. Although he was able to gain an early lead with his Darkrai, Ash's Sceptile managed to overcome Darkrai's attacks and defeat it.

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Later, Tobias defeated his final round opponent with just his Darkraithus winning the Lily of the Valley Conference. Tobias then called out his Latios, who managed to defeat the remainder of Ash's team while fainting itselfwinning the match for Tobias.

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Cynthia vs tobias

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Cynthia Vs Tobias

Il y a 8 mois Did l ycanroc dusk just replace ash greninja bring back ash greninja Il y a 8 mois Good video Il y a 8 mois Champion Ash vs Tobias Il y a 8 mois Try beating this: Il y a 8 mois You don't have none besides serena.

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Il y a 8 mois you barely have any ash except serena maybe just accept what you have Il y a 8 mois Caleb O'Neal My flame between my legs is bigger than yours Il y a 8 mois Hahahahahahahahahaha you are very funny Ash ketchum Il y a 8 mois Early: In Battling a Thaw in Relations!

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Il y a 8 mois And gary?


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In The Semi-Final Frontier! Darkrai was first seen defeating a Trainer's Machamp despite the type-disadvantage.

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Il y a 8 mois Jerry Huang Haha, no way. Il y a 8 mois Godziller r He wouldn't have a Black Kyurem, dude. Il y a 8 mois lol ikr Il y a 8 mois Please say how to download this game Il y a 8 mois I am the thousand person to watch this Il y a 8 mois Sceptile and Greninja Currently It supports 55 formats of video downloads.

In Casting a Paul on Barry!