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Baroja wrote in Spanish, believing that Basque was not capable of expressing literary or contemporary political, scientific, etc.

A curious book; I quite liked it. At sea I lost the notion of time.

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Time has sped for me. Aboard ship the days are long, and yet the years, sum of the days, are short, and they fly by and are gone. The word is farsa: Equal sang froid attends several love stories, a kidnapping, family secrets, a storm rescue, and a walk on the beach.

La Busca De Pío Baroja

His enemy figures in two daring sailing feats. Leaving out the Basques, who stood by the captain for the rewards involved and who were mostly peasant stock, and two or three others, the rest were a collection of drunks, thieves, jailbirds, the worst of the worst, the detritus of all the ports of the five parts of the world.

The thought forty days of dating vimeo pro the past, once youth has been left behind, is like a wound in the soul, a wound which flows continually and floods one with sadness.

Wheneve A curious book; I quite liked it.

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Many years have passed since I left my native town, and what have I accomplished? He frequently takes paragraphs to describe the beauty of good and bad weather at sea, and the daily work of a sailor.

La lucha por la vida: La busca

Unamuno, Ortega, Baroja--each in his manner, but with surprising agreement--believed it necessary for the man to take action against his circumstances if he were to be Once at sea, however, they thought it more or less decorous to live by piracy, sacking, and robbery, and quite respectable if one grew rich by it.

Curiously enough, for all the sea voyages, one retains a sense of Shanti grounded in his small town. Unamuno, Valle-Inclan, Machado, and others.

At the same time, there is a curious distance from the characters and the story.

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The crew was made up of gallows birds. The entire route traversed seems like an Appian Way sown with tombs. Baroja trained as a doctor. Baroja extends his interest in the sea to nature in general.

La busca : Pío Baroja / Joan Estruch Tobella. book online read or download

I have come and gone, moved from here to there, carried along by a sweep of events that have left my soul empty. In Baroja the struggle of the hero to be, to impose himself on chaos, is the equivalent of the moral need to act in Ortega.

While the adventures all take place on the sea, he himself spends a great deal of time on land, and that permanence ends up sticking in your mind. The review will first give my raw reaction, then some academic perspective from the introduction.

Things happen, sometimes very dramatic things, but there is not much sense of heading somewhere and certainly no sense of arriving there. The first are tough, anarchistic, antisocial The Basques were something else.

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The Madrid novels and the Basque narratives are diametrically opposed in spirit. Whenever I have sought a little warmth and shelter, I have encountered coldness, hardness, and selfishness. The sea is perhaps even more of a protagonist than Shanti is. They were almost all worthy persons.

I find it remarkable how many great writers trained as doctors; in fact I keep a running list that I add to as I find more of them: This contributes to the sense that there is no plot.

The nature writing is lyrical.

Las inquietudes de Shanti Andía by Pío Baroja

In many cases the reader becomes tense with anticipation of disaster, only to have Shanti relate that it all turned out well and life went on. His Basque novels are intervals of racial affection and tenderness Hemingway was a great admirer of the Basque Baroja, which is no recommendation to me, but perhaps some indication that he used to be better known, certainly in Europe.

They were convinced that once they were out of their native town, once they were away from home, it did not make the slightest difference whether one transported for sale a family of Chinamen or Negroes, or whether one robbed other ships for a living.

In this volume there are also a few short stories and snippets of reportage or remembrance, again with the strange clipped style of unrolling events without sorting out what is important or spending much time drawing conclusions--life simply is.