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Your Persona's Magic increased by 1. Bring me pine resin. Submissive Shard - Part of Submissive Basalt.

If you see this, it's a bug. There are only two ways to access the Velvet room in the game. Spiked Bat Due Date: Bring me a Myouhou Muramasa. This is where you stay and the headquarters of SEES.

I'd like some funky school music. Retrieve four Knight's Reins. This SLink should never reverse. Fierce Sutra x2 Due Date: Atomic Press - Kanji's special attack.

All other SEES members stay here. If you seek this Yosuke reversal message, it's a bug.

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Mitsuo the Hero Command - Almighty damage to 1 foe. The Moon is made of green cheese and cannot fail. Get cracking, QA, and write it up. Malice Fragment - Part of Nebula Messenger.

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Steel Medal Medal dropped by the Treasure Hand. Shadow Yukiko Summon - Fails to summon the prince. Ultra Trigger - Naoto's special attack.

Please go water the flowers. Perform King and I.

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Nihil Spear Due Date: Torn Black Cloth Due Date: You will need Incubus and Succubus for this Combination technique. Spirit Bracers Due Date: Nocturne with the same name.

Unused skill Tirundi - Cures Enervation 1 ally. Going back 52 bytes at a time, we arrive at the first block, which starts at offset 0x26C4. There are several establishments here where you can visit and spend your time after school. Vudobar 4 Comments Shin Megami Tensei: You should never see this line!

Kunino-Sagiri Control - Controls one player unit. If this appears, it's a bug.

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Retrieve one Shadow Shard. Fusion Messages At the beginning of the messages delivered by fused Personas exists this placeholder. The female protagonist is an additional playable protagonist in Persona 3 Portable.

If for some reason that's not an option, your best bet is probably to equip the Horus Persona who is immune to Light, learns Repel Dark and Mediarahan and has no other elemental weaknesses and keep healing while the rest of your party chips away at the Reaper.

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Archived from the original on February 4, Shoji Meguro [2] [3]. High-Cut Armor Due Date: Moon Tablet Stone tablet dropped by a Ruinous Idol.

You and your friends from the sports teams seem to be drifting apart. Amrita Water x3 Due Date: First, your Charm stat must be at Rank 6. Go to Paulownia Mall on a Friday or Saturday and play the crane game.

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You can save your game by writing in the logbook found in the front desk. Curse Paper x2 Due Date: Shadow Yosuke Bottomless Envy - Phys damage to 1 foe. There is also a stand there where you can have your fortune checked. Traesto Gem x3 Due Date: I'd like a drink that shares my name.

Now go to Port Island station and find the girl near the vending machine by the stairs. By default you can just fuse 2 or 3 personas. Retrieve 3 G reasy Gears.