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People find love in mysterious ways lyrics, love moves in mysterious ways

That being said, and now having just celebrated my 16 year anniversary with my wife whom I met when we were just 15 and 17 years oldI think there is a lot of truth to this song.

You don't really understand her, and probably never fully will.

(Love Moves In) Mysterious Ways Lyrics

The singer, who is much older and wiser, tells the young man, Johnny, to "take a walk with his sister, the moon. If you want her happy, you need to commit and devote yourself to her.

That is how I have always taken this song and I believe there is a lot of "truth" in it.

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She deserves your reverence. If you want her, you had better learn to serve her.

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You will be so grateful that you moved on this moment and followed this feeling to allow yourself to fall completely in love. The take away from the song is that you don't always have to understand, Johnny.

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This women you love is awe inspiring -- she is all you can see in the darkness. Your life will be better for it.

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Ultimately, Johnny, one day you will be much older and will look back on this experience. She is your "goddess," treat her as such. But there is no question she is the light to your darkness.

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You need to accept the fact that you will probably never be at her "level" -- she is FAR too high above you and beautiful. The chorus says it is alright to feel scared -- women in general and your woman in particular are deserved and deserving of your reverence and awe -- maybe even your worship.

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Just listen and she can teach you -- even about things your can't explain or don't entirely understand To touch is to heal -- Be there for her and cherish her and you will be made whole.

It is ok to be afraid, but you need to take the dive.

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The main things you have to learn is that to touch is to heal, to hurt is to steal and, ultimately, you need to learn how to kneel.

You have never dared to love until now, but you can no longer deny you are at a crossroads between fear and love.

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You were "made" to be with her. In an essence, she is like a goddess to you -- and that is ok.

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Love her, cherish her, and serve her and your life will be better. She is also your sister, meaning that she is your better half and your compliment.

Love Moves In Mysterious Ways Lyrics

Notwithstanding your fear and apprehension, she is your "soulmate. So don't think twice, but just do it.

She will lift up your days and light up your nights. Both day and night will be better because you decided to overcome your fear and truly "love" her.

Nina - Love Moves In Mysterious Ways [MTV]

I have always interpreted this song to be about the mystery of loving a women in general, especially from the viewpoint of a young man who knows nothing about the female sex. Nothing wavering -- your life is now hers. She naturally has a lot of wisdom by mere virtue of her being a woman and almost always will have a different perspective.