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We can go out and have interesting dinner. So, a lot of viral things internally happening.

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We can work together with the group of people here. Founded inthe non-profit named Level 10 at that time and subsequently renamed, Give Love Build Hope now has seven full-time staff and is focused on providing underserved youth with academic testing assistance.

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We had to identify all areas of love, compassion and forgiveness and examine how to bring them out in this town in every way in thirty days, all while working around the concept that in order to be loved, you have to be love. I have my book that we sell.

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If I could click a button and those pieces are done that fast, I saved myself two months. So, initially when we first mapped it out, we kind of broke it down there were three core things we wanted to do inside of ClickFunnels.

I would count the links and the pages and stuff because that all comes through an affiliate program.

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In the summer ofI was contracted to run a summer program through the organization. Info products is where I kind of found my first home. Those were kind of the three things we wanted.

Who should we feature on Mixergy? Let us know who you think would make a great interviewee.

We actually did get a headhunter. I know that he has actually recruited a couple people through Toptal and then we found one guy through Toptal as well. Then you had the potato gun business before that.

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It was like a second long video. Ruby, the supply and demand train is hard. Along the way we listened to people as well. Particularly when compared to the fact that the online hit rate is four percent.

He built the whole back end infrastructure. How much have those huge changes impacted how you do your business? I can listen to you interviewing the most amazing people in the world. That was the goal.

Russell Brunson is the founder of ClickFunnelsan easy way to market, sell or deliver products online.

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But about a week into our beta launch, people were using it. We did the beta launch and closed it down and then we did another launch. There was no podcast back then. You have a blank check. I think I assumed that people knew that and then nobody really did.

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We needed something that would create those really fast and really easy. The guy was selling things online and was really good at it, but he had this problem. On the CD is you pointing two fingers towards like where the center of the CD was so that people would know where to put into the CD player.

It will give people the ability to do in days what used to take months.

How Russell Brunson solved the biggest challenge of online sales

That was going to be the affiliate platform. I started in investment banking and then went to managing private investments. And with Toptal, I always say you can hire someone full-time, part-time or on a project basis.

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