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The Germans will try again, given another chance. Earlier he had been involved with the British Liberal Party. Stand up for England!

1923 - 2012

Bibliography[ edit ] Moore wrote many popular books. The French betrayed us. There's no need to suppose we are unique. Another special edition, broadcast on BBC4 on 9 Decemberwas a retrospective of achievements in astronomical science during the past 50 years, together with a review of the highlights of "The Sky at Night" in presenting such achievements and the contributions of distinguished astronomers to the programme during those years.

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I would have liked a wife and family, but it was not to be. The Germans tried to conquer us. Patrick Moore has undertaken significant research in astronomy.

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Moore left them and returned with a pile of exercise books with all the necessary information in, his records of observations over many years which is how inthe Soviet Union used his charts of the moon to correlate their first pictures of the far side patrick moote dating his mapped features on the near side and he was involved in the lunar mapping used by the NASA Patrick moote dating space missions.

Clarke - "He was ahead of his time in so many ways.

Patrick Moore

Vice President of the Society for the History of Astronomy. I would like to see two independent wavelengths - one controlled by women, and one for us, controlled by men. In it was used to good effect for an April Fools' Day spoof on BBC Radio 2when Moore announced a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event that meant that if listeners could jump at that exact moment, 9.

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In he became the Honorary President of the East Sussex Astronomical Societya position he held until his death. Quite apart from artificial satellites there were other things too. If you start teaching it as a school subject, it's going to be taught badly, like everything else these days, and enthusiasm is going to be killed.

Patrick O'Moore

It's no exaggeration to say that Patrick, in his tireless and ebullient communication of the magic of astronomy, inspired every British astronomer, amateur and professional, for half a century. He said that when asked these type of questions "I know that I'm dealing with an idiot.

Despite being anti-EUhe knew enough French to translate books from its languageand despite his apparent wingnut politics, he had many friends in the scientific community of the Soviet Union.

In he was identified as the co-author of a book published in called Flying Saucer from Mars, attributed to Cedric Allinghamwhich was intended as a money-making venture and practical joke on UFO believers; [] Moore never admitted his involvement.

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Quotes, including both the good and the awful[ edit ] On astronomy - "Grab a pair of binos, go outside, and learn your way around the sky. Moore sometimes referred to himself as a "free-lance thinker.

Moore described the short-lived glowing areas on the lunar surface, and gave them the name transient lunar phenomena in He's not an astronomer, he's a particle physicist.

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Moore had a long association with the University of Leicester and its Department of Physics and Astronomy, and was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Science HonDSc degree in and a Distinguished Honorary Fellowship inthe highest award that the university can bestow.

He also said, in the same interview, that "The only good Kraut is a dead Kraut. You see, anyone who is interested in astronomy will gravitate to it, as I did. Early life[ edit ] Little is known of Moore's early life. Thus any real-time comment Moore made was not broadcast live and the recording ends before Burke polls the studio team for comment and reaction.

Other interests and popular culture Aside from presenting "The Sky at Night" show, Moore has appeared in a number of other television and radio shows, including, from untilplaying the role of Gamesmaster in the television show of the same name: There will never be another Patrick Moore.


The show's host, Dominik Diamondclaimed that Moore did not understand anything that he said on the show, yet managed to record his contributions in single takes. Some 14 seconds after "contact" Burke says "They've touched". He once joined the Flat Earth Society as an ironic joke.

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Not averse to parody or send-up, he appeared on various British comedy shows including Morecambe and Wise. No competition there at all. In the same year, he was appointed an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society.

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It was revealed in a TV programme that when the Russians wanted accurate information on the Moon over a number of years, they first went to America then other countries for the information but could not obtain such information.

A Kraut is a Kraut is a Kraut. Hobbies and non-astronomical interests[ edit ] He had a preference for using imperial measurements for everyday use, and before illness made it too difficult to do so, used a typewriter rather than a computer.

Inhe was knighted "for services to the popularisation of science and to broadcasting".

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Inhe was appointed Director of the newly-constructed Armagh Planetariuma post he held until Clarkeresident of Sri Lanka. However, he was still able to present The Sky at Night from his home.

During the Apollo programme, Moore was a presenter of the BBC's television's coverage of the moon landing missions.

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He had a particular affinity for cats and stated that "a catless house is a soulless house". Moore subsequently remarked that he never married because "there was no one else for me From tothe programme was broadcast from Moore's home, when arthritis prevented him from travelling to the studios.

Sir Patrick Moore

The Complete History of the Universe. As a child, Moore was given membership of a local astronomical society, which sparked his lifelong passion for the subject.

During the programme, Moore tries in vain to warn his past self to avoid the goose egg that gave him food poisoning in and expresses annoyance at the late time slot that the show occupies. He was strongly against fox hunting, cruelty to animals and capital punishment and also helped raise money for victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami with his good friend, Arthur C.

Moore has written over 70 books on astronomy, all of them typed on a Woodstock typewriter of vintage, which he has always preferred to any more modern device. You wouldn't have had that in the golden days. He was a mean xylophone player [9] and claimed to have perfect pitch.