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I worry for my next project and then worry about saying wrong things. I want to live as someone who is seen as and associated with warmth.

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InYoon stars in the historical romance melodrama Grand Prince. I really wanted to work. It is a good place for an actor to find answers by himself and having faith in the story as he goes on. Retrieved from " http: Do you truly believe that?

It must have been an unfamiliar time for you.

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The series Coffee House was a welcome change for her; after having mainly taken on serious or dark characters, Park said she had been "dying to be in a romantic comedy. Flower Boys Next Door.

Heo Joon became a wild playboy for a short moment in Nueba yol 3 pelicula dominicana completa online dating of the Witch. Only my words are firm; I am still very green, full of anxiety, terror, sadness, fear, and dread.

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Your usual kind of fun is different and rough, plus your funny parts do not feel ordinary. Kiss Of Angel' and tour to four country in Asia.

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But now, I think that saying I want to act well is an arrogant statement for myself. I certainly want to become an actor who can act well one day. Although it was a fantasy drama, the viewers acquired a sense of reality from the drama through the characters portrayed by Yoon Si-yoon and Kim Sae-ron.

Your words are right.

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What were the things you have adopted? The best thing I can do at the moment is to show an acting without any lies. Still, it feels that the person Yoon Si-yoon is even more apparent than before: I wish I can be smooth at making jokes.

Human is the most interesting thing in the world to me, and human is the warmest thing in the whole world. The director said that he fully entrusted the role to me, believing that I would be able to express my real feelings through the drama.

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She then starred in the melodrama The Innocent Manplaying a woman who betrays her lover to serve her own ambition and puts him on the path to destructive revenge. But then, someone who loves like this is, in the end, longing to receive that kind of love from the person he loves.

Hence, I wanted to express that image through Mirror of the Witch.

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Park is also the first Korean star to be chosen as a model for Visa[63] and the first Korean celebrity to be chosen as a global ambassador for Austrian jewelry brand Swarovski.

As it was winter in Seoul at the time and the average daily temperature was below 10 degree Celsius that month. The Wednesday-Thursday drama will air the first episode on November.

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Should We Kiss First. Like…a clueless boyfriend type?

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Where do you think you are at this point in the whole life as Yoon Si-yoon? On March 15,52 days after the movie's release, ticket sales reached She plays the ghost "Kim Yeon-hwa" who was murdered in a robbery. Do you think I only play Korean shuttlecock game jegichagi to pass time?

The time gap between your discharge from army and your comeback was very short.

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Human can be the seeds of conflict too. Now, you have created a rhythm that is totally different compared to the first time Yoon Si-yoon appeared on the show.

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I wish I could express it again and again that all lives matter and equally beautiful, especially through dramas. For instance, these days, I have decided to show properly the countrified side of me. Conversely, no matter how heavy and dark it was; no matter how hard it was to save the characters in the story…either way, we both carried unique colours thanks to that brightness.

You always say that you are not a refined person. Is that image far from your real image? It has been a while since the last time we saw a healthy and positive character who throws in a few laughs on a variety program. We want to ask: That is something we have not heard for a long while.

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The fan meeting gathered 10, fans, and a portion of the profits made from the fan meet was donated to charity. Giving his all, wishing that the person he loved would never leave his side; that kind of love. To me, it was just a fantasy drama.