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His best attacks here are Izanagi or Susanoo, since he have to look on someones sharingan to activate Izanami. Best fight mate V 4 Comments 23 Asuma Sarutobi vs Hidan People seem to forget about the great emotions behind this fight, and the animations in this fight was quite cool, the most emotional and thrilling fight in my opinion!

Simply a work of art that deserves to be at least in the top three. And since we have the 6 paths, it would be more an advantage for Pain since OP said 6 paths but no Nagato - nagato is the 7th path.

Pain vs Obito

This one by far wins my heart, the animation, the hidden meanings. Rock Lee, the comic relief who somehow beat Sasuke and has no ninjutsu or genjutsu, against Gaara, the guy who kills without a second thought, effortlessly, and has never been hurt.

Before Kakashi figured out Obito's kamui dodging technique and how to exploit it, nobody could touch him. Amazing fight, Sakura definitely outshined her past self. The wait up to this made the fight scheda del libro lamico ritrovato yahoo dating better.

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It revealed lots of questions that have been asked. The tense atmosphere that hangs over each moment, the "Hell Yeah" moment when Lee succeeds in hitting Gaara, the tragedy of the ending, is all why this fight deserves to be in the top 3.

It showed that Naruto was Able to fight without the fox. Longest fight in the Naruto Shippuuden series with a total of 8 episodes. The tragic ending, with Lee unconscious and broken but still willing to fight, being saved by his sensei and Gaara simply walking away, even though he might have stripped Lee of his shinobi career, his DREAM, brought more than one person, myself included, to tears.

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But come on, the 4 hokage reanimated?! I waited for this fight for long since Itachi died. Deidara Deidara is a love at 1st sight for me, and in this fight he is a real showstopper.

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N it was the best fight in the anime I thought that obito fought konan not madara and tobi is not a real person! Sasori does die, but it would be incorrect to say that Sakura defeated him because she didn't. Pain is a strong opponent, in fact one of the strongest, but he isn't as strong as Obito.

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As Jiraiya wanted to know the truth even when he had a chance to escape Should be top 3 without a doubt. Didn't give a hoot about Naruto. A pity that it ended so badly.

Gai went full bad ass on this fight.

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Chiyo even says so. He chose to die. Deidara swift and elusive, with clay creatures and explosions, and Gaara commanding the sand! This fight was a real raw ninja fight, just a 1v1, and probably one of the best drawn in the series.

Itachi doesn't have to have Kamui to figure out his weakness because he has another weakness and that's the fact Obito has to wait 5 seconds or 5 mins I'm forgetting before he can use Kamui again and Itachi's smart enough to figure out especially when he believes hat every jutsu has a weakness and so far he's been right.

Its animation was top notch and even though it was short it was so cool. Also love the Gai Story It should be on the top 10! Madara also kills Naruto and sasuke which in the end they kick ass with 6 paths power but I think this fight is awesome!

An awesome guy died and the battle was rated 5th?

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Please excuse my spelling and gramma This was the most epic fight for me. It is my favourite battle. Naruto wins against pain not only with the help of toads, but of the 9 tails. This is probably the greatest fight there was in Naruto Shippuden. Number 1 or at least tied with Naruto Vs Pain.

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Meanwhile, with the Rinnegan, the six paths of pain can quickly catch up to Obito, being able to counter any incoming attacks. Their not monologuing, their actually fighting The Contenders 11 Kakashi vs Pain When they met, Pain was courteous and Kakashi was rude.

Finally, the king of hell can capture Obito and destroy him.

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Bro you the man All naruto really does in this fight is use around 9 shadow clones and used Rasen-shuriken twice. During the war I think this was but anyways when guy opened the eighth gate that was just insanneee.

Obito vs Pain

Top 5 at least This battle is awesome, and it shows that even though the Hidden Villages have had their struggels, the Kage can work together, and put up an awesome fight. Even though some of the village people hated him, Gaara put up a good fight while protecting the village from giant nukes!

It's so great because you truly don't know how its gonna end.