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Offender made ridiculously absurd crime. We must not forget the tender and positive side of the story, with the help of the people like Eugeni and Kalina.

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The Legend " is a satirical series about Bulgarian identity - how we got here, how we became what we are today? The film begins and ends with references to the totalitarian past in order to introduce us straight away to the lives and adventures of three honest policemen, Lyubev Hristo ShopovNadejdev and Verev, who are responsible for finding out what has happened to two briefcases full of money.

Comedy, Action, Crime Director: This large number of subjects that appear in his life, when you least expect it, lead him into despair and madess.

Mosaic of characters considered unique Bulgarian away from monarchy to communism, and from there to the European public.


An unexpected twist, sarcasm, shootings and explosions are all present in the film, and the action grows proportionally to the problems of the operacia shmenti kapeli online dating. Shmenti Capelli - a comedy about what happened before our eyes without us know it.

The ensemble cast of characters reveal different layers of our society - from marble to the government offices struggling for daily survival losers with several exits to the more exotic specimens as a singer with a machine gun, an electrician with a speech defect and bailiff with the wrong address.

Plots are grouped into three main periods - "Royal Bulgaria", "Socialist Bulgaria" and "Democratic Bulgaria" - every period with their own visual style.


But pregrizva puppet strings of the puppeteer and the puzzle is falling apart. The show is a byword expression that Bulgarians used in everyday language in the sense of "lie", "cheat", "manipulation", "sham" A movie of our time, and his crimes.

Strong did not hesitate to make plans, as they are stronger, more courageous and resourceful are their plans. In this way, under the protective blanket of humour, one does not run the risk of falling into mental imbalance such as what happens to the protagonist. Social, criminal and family relationships build a picture of an absurd and ridiculous ball to tears country.

It is impossible not to participate in the game.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

A story of secrets that powerful can not hide from the weak. Vladislav Karamfilov - Vladi brawls Producer: Too many people involved, too many things have normal explanations and obviously something very important is missing.

The investigation leads them to a mental hospital where they must uncover the history of Tseko Tsekov, an unemployed maths teacher. From when they wake up each day, these two citizens fight against a hard life, thanks to the love that they profess.

But instead of having it all over, gunpowder smoke from the public to swim classic scene, it appears that events have created a maze in which it is impossible to trace the thread of truth.

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The film eloquently shows almost all of the problems of Bulgarian life, combining the use of action and absurd comedy absurd but unfortunately very realistic for the viewer. The elements of the crime are arranged one after the other with inexorable logic hostages, ransoms, gunfire, explosions killed.

If you do not enter into it voluntarily will go without you. A war horse for the average person, whom nobody could understand.

Around the protagonists swirl affairs of millions of dollars to see that ideology, psychology and daily motivation is determined by answering the question "Where is the money? Exploited and crushed by the system after being abandoned by his wife, he is the victim of all kinds of absurd situations surrounding the Bulgarian way of life.