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GMT Guest what a useless webpage. Thank you to all involved over the years. June 17, The station mentioned its Top 40 heritage on the air as part of the current oldies format, with liners such as, "The station that played 'em then March 2, It also brings back memories.

GMT Guest you can listen to sports from a thousand places.

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To me, it's unhealthy and evil turnaround. Pity, have to search for a new online station which plays the same style of music see more Continue listening to your favorite stations anytime, anywhere.

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Station CHABin Moose JawSaskatchewan, began broadcasting a week earlier, on April 23,and is still on the air today, but was shut down for a period of time in before re-opening.

Used to listen to the station in South Africa. June 9,2: On November 4,the CRTC approved an application by Bell Media to modify CKOC's facilities from a five-tower day pattern and a ten-tower night pattern with a transmitter power of 50, watts to a six-tower operation with a daytime transmitter power of 50, watts and a night-time transmitter power of 20, watts.

It was the first time since Februarywhen the station changed its format, that any music later than the s has been played on the station, a trend mirroring most other oldies outlets in North America, which have moved away from the oldies positioning and have adopted classic hits approaches.

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They don't give the score, down, time and when a touchdown happens they keep talking. Where is our world tumbling down to? This move will also make the station Hamilton's first-ever all-sports station.

May 10,1: GMT andremichael Thanks for many hours of good listening music provided. We miss you CKOC.

TSN 1150 - CKOC - 1150 AM

Argonauts Labour Day Classic. He just isn't compelling to listen to and lacks a rapport with both the audience and the commentator.

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Its the best station ever. Looks like a beautiful night at Ivor Wy Wish I was with you guys.

CKOC AM online Radio from Hamilton

Steven March 5,7 p. The program primarily covers news and events surrounding professional wrestling such as WWE and mixed martial arts. But is there a way to post the name of the song and the artist as you play them?

They are the best, played by the best oldies station Oct.


CKOC ended its classic hits format with "The Last Big Countdown" of the top classic hits during the Labour Day weekend before the launch of the sports format at 10 a. GMT Guest Why is there no schedule listing so people can know if it's worth tuning in or not?

You are the best! Obviously, you give what it's in demand and reflects the general appetites of the audience. Early history[ edit ] CKOC has the distinction of being the oldest continuously-operating radio station in Canada, on the air since May 1, Thanks for Nothing TSN May 27,4: Was good while it lasted!