We highly recommend a diet that consists of Whole natural foods from plants and animals, is minimally processed, and is low in sugar and grains. There are exceptions and special considerations when dealing with sport specific training, illness, and other circumstances that require the feedback of a nutrition specialist.


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Getting Started Tip: We have found that most people have lasting results by first removing one or two poor food/beverage choices while adding one or two healthy choices. Starting slowly, with education and support, is the best recipe for lifelong success. 

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Oct 29 · Boost Your Metabolism for Fat Loss

With no metabolic or low metabolic rate you cannot and will not lose body fat!


Oct 19 · Forward Thinking

We are, I am proud to say, among the forward thinkers in our industry.

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Oct 14 · Learning to Deadlift

Member Spotlight – Cindi Spencer New member Cindi is new to weightlifting. But after a few weeks of following CrossFit Rehoboth’s fundamental exercises and workouts, Cindy has moved on to the very important Deadlift.   In these photos Cindi demonstrates her new awareness of midline strength along with focused breathing to maintain posture and form throughout […]