Custom Coaching & Program Design

We offer Custom Program Design for anyone seeking an individually-tailored approach. Program Design is for individuals who want a customized training and/or meal plan program but do not want or need private training sessions at all. Features of custom coaching include:

  • An initial consultation and/or assessment to determine current function, personal needs and goals
  • Weekly exercise programming that you carry out on your own
  • Weekly/monthly meal plans
  • Unlimited Email support
  • Monthly follow up meetings in person
  • Nutrition & Supplement counseling

How to Start:

Please Schedule a Free Consultation to determine if Custom Program Design will meet your needs and goals. If you are remote, the consultation can be done by phone and email. Current members receive a discount on custom programming – just contact the office for more information.

Program design provided by owner of CrossFit Rehoboth Jessica Perez-Beebe, OPEX, CCP, CrossFit, ACE, LMT

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