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He expects a compatible relationship. As of now he is not involved in any relationships. Moreover, he was called as a mood maker of the team. He was always gets caught saying senseless comments related to the band Seventeen and other girl groups.

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JR stands for Junior Royal. As of now he is single and enjoying his life along with the journey of music.

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She joyce bulifant relationships dating have a bright smile always on her face. However, he has revealed his ideal type to have a cute look and large eyes.

Who has a girlfriend in NU’EST?

He has revealed that his ideal girl should be nuest ren dating and pure. He confessed that he has not even experienced dating. He also modeled for a Chinese clothing brand that produces unisex or "genderless" fashions. He says the celebrity who suits his ideal type is Lee Hyori.

They had staged many concerts and tours around the world projecting their musical talents to their fans. He has an older brother, Choi Minseok.

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He has revealed his ideal girl should be caring and loving. He was born in the year on the 21st of July. He was born in the year on the 8th of June.

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She must be able to compete with his characteristic. However, he was demoted to rank F after the weak re-evaluation performance. He has not yet been caught in any scandals as well.

He has revealed his ideal girl is one who takes care of him well. InRen played lead roles in the Japanese film, Their Distance. He is currently attending Inja University. He was born in the year on the 9th of August.

He finished the competition ranking He has taken up the position as maknae in this band.

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He has revealed, however, that his ideal girl should be loving and caring. Ren and Minhyun had been gaining attention since their debut because of their heights and appearances.

He is also the responsible leader. He was born in California and has dual nationality between Korean and American.

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He likes to sleep by hugging some one nearby. He ranked 19 in the second round of elimination. Even though his agency encourages dating, they could not find time to balance between work and personal life.

He does not give importance to physical looks. Produce First Round of Elimination He started off being placed in group D due in the first episode. As of now he is single enjoying music along with his group mates.

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