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Yeah she says this basically every chance she has, even more then the others, ok it's normal to wish to go back in that situation but if it is all she knows what to say this makes her a bit empty, her only good parts till now is that she understands the MC kindness is slowly get closer to him though it seems she is already in a relationship the with most popular dude as well, who knows maybe a netori will happen or their relationship is fake And later discovers that he has to keep his classmates from clearing the game if not everyone will die for real Yeah that's right it's the opposite of SAO here.

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If you're reading this thanks a lot for your work in this novel. But while his classmates can revive in the game he actually dies if he is killed Shirou references always wished to say this hahaha.

Conclusion, it's a very good novel worth reading, but if you guys are looking for a SAO level of drama or a less ecchi novel then this isn't for you.

And did I also say he is not a coward with girls? December 25, Status: But even so he is kind and tend to work hard alone behind the scenes, his growth and development in his personality is show right from the volume 1 and will probably continue. Yeah, but hey things like these are there to make things more fun and interesting so it's cool.

When some of his classmates get imprisoned in the game he has a delay of 6 months only to log in the final boss he was working on, Demon Lord Hellshaft, right in the middle of a battle against his classmates.


In this novel while it's a harem, it's not literally every girl that appears that likes the MC and most of them have real personalities is this really from the same author? The MC is a anti-social Emo nerd dude with serious communication problems that likes the most popular girl of the class school as wellyeah I know who not right?

While he is a bit dense he is pervert and doesn't hesitate in the ecchi moments and even take some advantages of some of the heroines which is hilarious. Until now there a 3 heroines Well, it can get better, the translator is obviusly a begginner in japonese-english translation but has potential, all he needs is a bit of experience and a good editor to get better.