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Nostalgia chick and todd in the shadows dating quotes, changes lyrics

I'm a dick, so it shouldn't be that hard to swallow. To avoid doing a crossover with The Nostalgia Chick for Crossroads, he says,"I need to go wash my dog It would also explain his obsession with keeping his face hidden cuz' if he is a nigger, then he is hiding from the police.

This could also explain why he is so intent on getting in Quinn's nasty old snatch which, let's be honest, nobody wants besides gaming journalist, but everybody knows they don't get any anyway. One would expect Todd, as a music critic on the Internet, to take cheap shots at popularly-hated acts.

One lucky girl will be the next to scoop up this fine specimen of man.

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Even Nerds Have Standards: And he's not a bad singer himself either. Put it on anyone, and they become Hannah Montana. Downplayed; while he has a distinct persona, it only manifests in his interactions with other characters.

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He is feeling himself in public and is out of control. Phil CollinsBryan Adamsand How to find girlfriend in pune definition Marx are fine by his book, but he stops just short of dating service rubber Michael Bolton along with the others.

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Todd himself has turned this into a deliberate Running Gag. Now, here's a weird little thing.


Todd dons a black one for public appearances, both in a full version when wearing his hoodie, where only the bottom of his nose and lips are visible, and what looks like a more casual half version that only covers his nose and up.

Though not talked about that much in his videos, he also really hates the band Nickelbackwhom he often uses as a comparison for music he absolutely loathes such as Chris Brown's verse in Look At Me Now.

Inverted in-universe—He mentions the brief flak he got for admitting he liked Katy Perry, following it up with several fellow site members calling him out over it and one doing the same for stealing her hair.

Is she wearing tap shoes, what?

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Even better, the reactions from test subjects to his head shaking. In the credits to his 'Sexy And I Know It' review, he admits that he did think it was funny that one of the dancers tears off his Speedo to reveal another Speedo underneath.

Too bad he calls Lord Kat instead. It's a joke based on the perception of Mike's as 'girly beer'. Todd absolutely hates Peter Cetera.

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His venom is really intense. Todd takes one sip of beer during his review of "If I Die Young" and says: Who do I blame for the fact that this song soured on me so quickly?

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Dark Is Not Evil: He then starts sarcastically talking about how upset he is that Chris Brown is having relationship problems and creates violin music on his piano to accompany it. God, I'm so sick of the racial profiling!

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Does Not Like Shoes: Toyed with in some videos shot by other producers. His title cards often depict him as this. When he tries to escape from the prospect of chick flicks, The Nostalgia Chick tapes him to a chair to a hit on him and b make him watch it with her.

Todd truly enjoys "Monster Mash", and more importantly, thinks that Bobby Pickett- Korean War vet, comedian, musician, actor, screenwriter- accomplished more in his life than Todd thinks he ever will.

We have taken this man's vocal cords and successfully replaced them with a squeaking rubber ducky! He also says that if he wants people to stare, he just walks into the supermarket, carrying his club.

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He even compared him to a Bond villain at one point. Actually, Mike's and beer have the same alcohol content. These videos are made about such lol-filled topics as pop music and one hit wonders such as life in a tent and Jesus.

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Willow Smith whips her hair in a motion, which experts are describing as "back and forth". In a vlog with The Nostalgia Chick where they gave their opinions on Transformers 3, he describes himself as "a possible Asian person", mentioning that he was deeply offended by the character of Jerry "Deep" Wang, as played by Ken Jeong.

While admitting the running gag has been run into the ground, he confirmed that he is not of black ethnicity in his " This is America " review.

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After researching said something and discovering a G6 does not exist, he takes it well by almost smashing his piano with his chair. Even Nerds Have Standards: You can tell that he really does respect the man.

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Later, she's apparently abducted him several times to try and make him love her. Would you please elaborate? Bachelorette 1, if a guy spent the entire first date complaining how his ex was a completely, totally crazy bitch, would you be turned on or extremely turned on?

He deliberately baits Paw about Sia, he gets his viewers to send hatemail to Linkara, he destroys Rap Critic's property Todd The man himself Acceptable Targets: I think 12 years old who write gay Sonic the Hedgehog porn fiction are cooler than you!

According to Jesus in the "Just a Kiss" review.