Amber Heard: I Still Love Johnny and Don't Want to Bury Him | Amber Heard: I Still Love Johnny and Don't Want to Bury Him |

Nia vs avery and johnny still dating, winona ryder & johnny depp

Avery's the one I really wanted to go with. If not he can just delete all words.

Avery and Lindsay argued about who should go out with Wes. Depp has been facing a lot lately. The young Aussie musician has been rumored to be dating Novelis since Seeing him outside of school would give me a chance for a whole new start with him. The winner of a fight is who has the most licks.

In her appearance, Nia talks about the turmoil caused by Avery and her dog Daisy, her fight with Avery and Johnny, and consequences of what will happen if Avery and Johnny do not move out of the house. Some might guess that Hood will also surprise the 5SOS fans by suddenly posting a mushy photo or video of them.

I want to look cute when I tell Wes that I'll go out with him and Lindsay's a jerk. And, she's not married either. As said that Winona's father not allowed her to marry young. Avery calls the girl from the photos a "handsy little strumpet".

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Come on, I thought I wrote yes on all of these! Wes asks Avery out.

Avery is really upset about accidentally rejecting Wes and explains the situtation to Stan. Wes tells "Iago" that he always goes to Avery's house.

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I think they got the point. Avery tells Stan that she is willing to make being drenched in fake blood a regular thing if Wes only likes her when she is drenched in fake blood.

[VIDEO] Real World Portland Fight 2013: Nia Fights Avery,Johnny, Gets Kicked Out Of House?

Avery seems disappointed when Wes tells her he might not be able to go to the carnival with her. And he's not even engaged to her. To have somebody yet again bring spit to a verbal fight, I was over it.

Avery tells Lindsay and Max that Wes is the first one to make imitating the pose of the school's statue work.

'The Real World: Portland': Nia Starts A Fight With Johnny, Finishes It With Avery (VIDEO)

I thought you blew me off and went to the dance with Karl. Troy Ave fired five bullets from this 9-mm. Something tells me he's waiting for Winona to come back. Avery tries to make her Halloween party "the best Halloween party ever" when she finds out Wes is coming.

Many witnesses have seen them together having lunch or dinner in some restaurant.

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And, now, he's with this Vanessa chick. You have to teach me to dance.

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Wes won't ask me out, right? Wes apologizes for blowing Avery off. The 5SOS fans must be eager to know if Ashton Irwin is already taken but let's wait for his announcement in the future.

Avery and Lindsay squeal after she tells her about Wes's compliments. The shooting took place right after Maino finished his set. He is like a little girl. Patricks Day because Wes was going to pinch her and they'd be together forever.

Relationship Timeline

Avery becomes depressed when Wes blows her off. How could you do that to me? Wes tells Avery that he has to accept that crazy things are going to happen if he's going to be with her. Avery tells Wes that she's glad that he is at her party. I want her to be raised normal. Avery gets upset when Wes rejects her.

Wes is impressed by Avery's "stunt" and tells her that she looks great.