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In the real history and this story, if 14th prince became the Emperor, he would become a puppet of his alliance. He was another tragic character that could have had a happy ending if there was no 'if only' and the best husband material, too, if he wasn't that greedy of power or love hide spoiler ] -- 13th Prince -- view spoiler [Known as the most militant prince out of the other princes in history, his character here in the story didn't show his militancy. Web Statistics and Analysis

Much better than half-sleeping on a bench with half an eye on your luggage! I also like Gao Wuyung and this is for no apparent reason: It sounded wrong to me.

He was virtuous, yes at his last days: There is a toothbrush, drink and cookies to take for free. While there is very little connection between the different acts, the enthusiasm of the dancers make up for it. It wasn't like the children could choose the parents Hadn't you already learnt your lesson when you did something behind your husband's back?

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I just love her for how she'd always been there. Rolled eyes to their mother here. This wolf girl saves a man dying of thirst in the desert, and he in turn kidnaps her. She knew 4th Prince would become the future emperor and was ruthless in his ways. I wouldn't call it a must see, but anyone who enjoys performance art will definitely appreciate it and I'm glad we went A O Show - Lune Production This universal Form of art is an overwhelming display of the essence of Vietnam's culture.

It's located in the airport!

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Mostly because he had such a bias mother. Though we were certainly impressed by the performers, it was less "Aaahh" and "Ooohh" for us, and more interesting, fun and entertaining. Hope you bring your show to Australia one day You turned blind eyes to it and he would only get worse.

But I salute her for her ability to adapt in the olden times.

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Yu Jin is but a child of 12 when she is forced to face the grim reality of the ruthlessness of political succession as there is a change of leadership within the Xiong Nu. Her adoptive dad wanted her to learn Han history and language, because he was a Han citizen and wanted her to become one.

Well, Kangxi's favoritism is pretty much the same with the actual history, but I don't know about De Fei.

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If he didn't want to get back what he deserved, he shouldn't have schemed the 4th prince to begin with, with no reason, just from an ambiguous warning from ambiguous fact fifth 'if only' here, btw.

He names her Yu Jin. Free drinks available before the show which is nice, but I would have preferred some program notes that will service as a momento for a memorable evening. The main theme of the show are traditional Vietnamese baskets and big sticks.

As there are no hotels attached to or even near to the airport, this was extremely convenient for my early morning flight, saving having to taxi in and out of Hanoi, instead having just a minute walk upstairs to the check in desks.

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Sometimes considered a Vietnamese version of the Cirque de Soleil, the troupe is not She'd hurt him for the same 'history-meddling' thing before and she did not learn her lesson.

I hate her for her prejudices: Much better than trying to sleep on the chairs. Read more Enjoyable I don't think we completely understood the story line, however the show was very well done!

Sigh, my sixth 'if only'.

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