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New th8 4 mortar bases of dating, extra wall

Although we all have our own preferred base designs both for farming and for war, the introduction of this 4th Mortar, is forcing us to improve our designs and create both farming and war base designs that will suite our style.

But the counter placement are will catch the Dragons anyway. Valkyrie attacks and other minor attacking strategies.

Top 16+ Best TH8 War Base 2018 (NEW!) June | Anti Dragons, Everything

You should protect your defense buildings by extreme wall protection and storage protection. The channeled and widespread design of the base helps protect it against the Gowipe strategy that most attackers use. The widespread gives channeling effect to the base which gives the base a great defense against Hogs and Gowipe strategies.

You may also post your comments and your experience after implementing the designs.

Integrate 4 Mortars in your design

The widespread and multiple compartment features of the base gives it a bonus of being a channeled base which helps in distracting the enemy troops and works as an Anti-Gowipe.

Also, the multiple compartment feature of the base will add to your win. Design Number 3 Chinese dating sites toronto above TH9 war base design which includes the 4th mortar is tested well against giants attacks and golems attacks.

This weirdly built base is not at all bad in defending.

TH 9 War and Farming Bases.

In this TH8 war base, Giant Bombs are placed with multiple compartment and lots of walls. Hogs at TH8 become more powerful, especially with the Level 4 upgrade. So, You have to use a packed base which means it should be widespread base.

Channeling helps in defending the base against Dragons, hogs and GoWipe attacks.

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It stand out well giving away not more than one star in clan wars. They are really helpful in bringing down the Dragons and your enemy will try to avoid it. The base features multiple compartments which give a channeling effect to distract Dragons and giants.

Overall, the base is a TH8 Anti 3 star base and is super powerful. Well, if you scrolled down this much looking for a base that can withstand any attacking strategies, then you are in luck; as you just found the right one!

TH8 new 4th mortar hybrid base, a original (war version/farming version also)

You will either win with flying colors or be ripped to shreds- there is no in between. GoHog is another popular strategy that uses Golems and Hog Riders to break into your core. The outer cover of the base is widespread and has channeled cross-compartments with resources to distract the enemy troops and keep them from entering into the base.

This base can also withstand hog attacks, valkyrie attacks, etc.


Cheers 3 years ago. But this is where the trick lies! In the last war this base got attacked 2 times with dragons and 1 time with hogs giving away only 1 star. The air defenses with Air Sweepers will work out great for taking down the dragons. With the ability of ripping your base to shreds, Valks are the point of concern now-a-days.

4 Mortar Base – TH8 and TH9 War Bases

In our future articles, we will include more bases with the 4th Mortar which will be further tested and time tested to ensure best defenses in both farming and war.

The Giants Bombs are super powerful in taking down the Hog Riders while the walls will keep off the Golem from entering your base. Overall, the base can kick off all the dragon and hog attacks as well as the Gowipe attack!

When they are at Level 4, they get really powerful and if used with proper strategy, have the capability of destroying your entire base. Can you please post fresh and effective base designs that I can use.

TH8 4 Mortar War Base

Well, we are not just talking about the dragons are we? Townhall 10 farming and war bases to follow soon. This base will power-up your defense with the amazing anti-Gowipi tactics.