Kia Sorento review: Spacious, functional, likeable Kia Sorento review: Spacious, functional, likeable

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2017 Kia Sorento Pricing

Inside, the new Sorento is well finished with a soft-touch rubbery dash top, while its four-dial instrument binnacle is clear, with bright, sans-serif digits. The UK will only import the 2. With all seven seats in place, access to the rear seats is easy too, thanks to outer middle chairs that auto-fold and slide forward by mm.

The Sorento's dashboard isn't swanky like an Audi's, but it does feel well made What you do get is a surprising amount of kit available through the four spec levels numbering KX 1 to 4, including a four-camera vision system to watch for pedestrians when manoeuvring, heated and cooled seats, a self-parking system and intelligent cruise control that maintains station behind the car in front and will brake the Sorento to a halt in traffic.

It develops healthy numbers of hp and lb ft, which are more than enough to move the 1,kg mass of the Sorento.

Kia Sorento review

Every Sorento has a leather-wrapped multifunction steering wheel complete with phone and audio controls. The brakes are more than up to the job of stopping this hard-charging pachyderm, although the pedal lacks feel, which can make it hard to stop smoothly.

It can lug up to kg with a manual gearbox kg with the auto and comes with self-levelling suspension from KX-2 grade upwards, as well as Trailer Stability Assist on all models.

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Estimated mpg EU Combined. Finally, the Sorento is an excellent towing machine.

The New Kia Sorento

However, the Sorento drives with slightly more flourish than the Hyundai Santa Fe, but a Skoda Kodiaq betters it on most fronts. It's easy enough to use, and responds fairly quickly, even if the Skoda Kodiaq and Peugeot get more connectivity and multimedia functions as standard.

There are stowage areas, cubby holes, and interior lights everywhere in the cabin, while every Sorento gets a full-size alloy spare wheel.

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Maximum capacity is a huge 1, litres. It does suit the Sorento better than the manual, so if you're not overly worried about economy then you should go for it.

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Up to three adults can sit comfortably in the second row of the new Kia Sorento Those second-row seats can be slid back and forth to help you make the most of the available space when the third row is occupied.

The Kia Sorento's ride can feel harsh, but it's well controlled at speed At 1.

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Erm, yes, but not premium in the way that Europeans know it, bought up on a generation of endlessly swanky Audi interiors. The lower two trims have a six-speaker stereo, while the top two grades feature a powerful Infinity Premium Sound System with 10 speakers, an external amp, and a subwoofer.

Few would ever drive the Sorento this hard, but it is surprisingly competent at speed. However, accommodation is generous in the front and second row of seats, with a flat floor in the rear and width enough for three adults to sit in comfort.

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Prices are going to take a hike for this new Sorento. And while the automatic gearbox is fast changing and precise, it can be brutal with changes in sport mode. The new Sorento uses pretty much the same chassis floorpan as the Sedona people carrier, a model that is no longer imported to the UK thanks to that market going awol almost overnight.

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Handling-wise, the Sorento is fine but nothing more. Visibility, too, is very good all-round and you get front and rear parking sensors on all but base KX-1 trim.

Fuel economy has yet to be determined, but expect between 45 and 48mpg in the official EU test; we got about 28mpg roaring round a test route on Mount Halla on Jeju Island at the bottom of South Korea.

Is it worth it?

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The quality of the materials also improves drastically through the trim levels, but the plastics and textures making up the dash and door cards always feels more durable than plush, even if they look fine and don't feel overly scratchy or cheap.

The boot is usable even with seven people on board, still offering litres, while with five occupants and two seats folded it rises to litres.

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Practicality The configurability of the seven seats is up there with the best in the Kia. One piece of kit that makes going for the upper end of the Sorento range worthwhile is the attractive seven-inch LCD monitor in the instrument cluster.

The middle row is split But leg room in the third row is still quite limited; all UK Sorento will be seven-seaters.

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You also get three driving modes - eco, sport and normal - which affect the steering weight and the gear change strategy.

The driving position is high, naturally, but hugely adjustable for all those tiny soccer moms. That said, if you are driving hard or on smooth roads, the suspension copes well and is more comfortable than it has a right to be.