MyChron3 Plus (Auto) Download Cable w/ FREE RS 2 Software - Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies MyChron3 Plus (Auto) Download Cable w/ FREE RS 2 Software - Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies

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AiM Sports uses sophisticated data acquisition technologies in the MyChron3 to make this process fast, accurate, reliable and cost-effective.

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While running the RPM cable along the chassis between the MyChron 3 display unit and the spark plug wire, the RPM cable should be positioned as far as possible from the thermocouple wire. For your best lap, you will also see splits and best theoretical time. You can also replay the data on the MyChron3 without a PC or software.

The lithium battery — not being used — can be removed: Who wants to analyze his data professional, can do this by using the software Race Studio 2 on the PC. MyChron5 2T samples data related to two temperatures, coming from: The MyChron3 Plus is a self-contained, true data logger that acquires data from all connected sources 10 times a second.

See the temperature values on the display as you drive, and download the recorded data to your PC and review the numbers on a graph later on. Furthermore it stores the operating hours such as from the engine and shows the battery voltage. MyChron 3 has a water proof IP 65 nylon covering and the sensors are through screwed connectors ensured against vibrations.

MyChron3 Plus (Auto) Download Cable w/ FREE RS 2 Software

MyChron4, for ten years the benchmark gauge in karting data acquisition, and all its imitations, will now definitely appear too scanty for your ambitions. At the end of your session, you can recall the summary of your three best laps: At home, using the charger included in the kit. Is it your best lap or do you need to shift?

A simply indestructible chassis A glass fiber reinforced Nylon body along with metal buttons and anti-scratch non-reflecting polycarbonate display guarantee MyChron5 top resistance to shocks and adverse weather conditions.

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Lap and split times, speed, RPM and one temperature as well as position on track, acceleration and much more. MyChron5 2T also samples a second temperature at your choice.

The MyChron3 Plus features non-volatile memory, retaining data even when the power is off, and has an Auto-Power off feature to preserve the battery life.

It is a digital dash, gauge, and data logger with gear position display, wheel speed display, graphical and digital RPM indicator, automatic lap time, and two temperature inputs for exhaust gas, cylinder head or water sensors.

Installing Mychron 3 On The Steering Wheel Most of steering wheels have existing holes in the three central arms that will accommodate the MyChron 3 display unit. It is recommended to follow these instructions in order to preserve your instrument and to capture consistent and accurate data.

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Page 14 To activate this function, please open the Beacon transmitter with a corkscrew and place the clip located directly below where the battery pack is is attached to the beacon transmitter board either over one of the two connectors for low power mode or over the two connectors for high power mode.

External power or battery charge? Fantastic readability To maximise readability of data, you need plenty of room. For example, you can connect a temperature sensor to the cylinder head of your engine and get continuous reads on your engine temperature. Additionally the device stores the lap times and min-max values of rpm and the analogue channels out of laps.

If you like, you can also power MyChron5 connecting it to your kart battery. Wi-Fi data transfer is easily configurable via PC or keyboard. Other Marques Location Region: Two temperatures under your control Especially engineered for the most demanding racers, MyChron5 2T permits you to monitor your kart performances by controlling two engine temperatures instead of one.

Fantastic readability

MyChron3 Plus Kit Includes: Installing The Water Thermocouple Installing the water thermocouple The H O thermocouple can be installed directly into the cylinder head if the engine accommodates the thermocouple or by using the water thermocouple M5 fitting sold separately for the M5 type.

The MyChron3 Plus is a powerful instrument for kart racing that combines a wheel speed gauge, gear position indicator, two temperature gauges, a tachometer, lap timer, and data logger into a compact unit that easily mounts to your steering wheel.

Also the configuration can be done comfortable over the PC. In the following drawing it is represented how to correctly install the water thermocouple for the M5 type. With kb of memory, the MyChron3 Plus stores over 60 minutes of data up to laps.

The Beacon transmitter is powered using 8 AA batteries or an external 12V power cable. It has a data logger, which stores all measuring values up to 10 times per second and which can display these data out of more than one hour driving time, on the very contrasty, good readable display or be transferred on to a PC with the standard USB-adapter.

If the steering wheel arms are solid, mark the point where the hole is to be drilled and then indent a drill reference point with a large nail or hole punch, to minimize drill wander. Connect a few sensors to the MyChron3 and it displays, samples, and stores the data from those sensors.

There many different languages available in the menu for the setting of the device parameter, which makes the configuration and the complete handling very easy.


Wireless data download with Wi-Fi connection MyChron5 offers the opportunity to download the data wirelessly, using an easy and safe Wi-Fi connection: Ensure the infrared receiver eye faces the side of the track where the Beacon has been placed, otherwise the system will not record lap time.

In the following drawing it is represented a correct installation of the EGT thermocouple. The screen can be backlit in one of the seven available colors also the incorporated light sensor makes brightness and contrast ideal in all light conditions.

MyChron 3 plus Kart is delivered with an illuminated Display.

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Therefore a modem is at hand, which is installed under the front shield or on the floor panel and is only with one cable connected to steering wheel-display. Using our powerful Race Studio 2 software you can download your data to your PC and get a professional analysis of your performance data.

The high quality display device is either screwed onto the existing steering wheel or integrated to the as accessory available AIM-steering wheel.