Myanmar hands out 20 offshore exploration blocks Myanmar hands out 20 offshore exploration blocks

Myanmar awards 20 offshore oil and gas exploration tenders dating, fpso world congress 2018

A 25 percent ratio would be fairer.

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Our content is less than 10 percent. Send email to me as well Subject: Separate multiple email addresses with semi-colon Your Email: We need to make efforts to have a greater stake in this sector. The winners will now enter into negotiations with the government over the terms of their exploration contracts, in which they must partner with state-owned firm Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise.

It is heartening to see the involvement of big oil companies like Shell and Chevron in the projects. Flexibility Access content via mobile or tablet, dedicated apps, web browser or customise a downloadable pdf.

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A total of 64 bids were received following the launch of the auction last April. Gas Matters Gas Matters provides essential context for the global gas industry and wider energy complex, pairing insider insight with broader themes - from geopolitics to macroeconomics to regulatory risk.

Stay up-to date Get real-time access to articles as they are published with alerts for the latest content. Domestic contractors know this and need to seek ways of extending their work and services," DARE's Aung said, according to Eleven.

Myanmar awards 20 oil exploration blocks

Chevron, Dutch firm Berlanga Holding B. Roughly, it is about percent. Myanmar, one of the few frontier areas for petroleum exploration in Southeast Asia, expected to see a rise in exploratory activities by local and misija neimanoma smeklos protokolas online dating oil and gas companies -- who have been granted onshore and offsore blocks earlier -- in late and earlylocal media Eleven reported.

These four blocks were awarded by the government to Woodside and its joint venture under Myanmar's Bidding Round - in late and early Bowman said the companies should also work closely with local authorities in Arakan State, Mon State, Irrawaddy Division and Tenasserim Division—coastal regions that could be set for an influx of international companies launching exploration operations.

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Open Modal Keep up with the latest developments in the gas and LNG industry with our regular newsletter. Earlier, UK-based Ophir Energy, which partners Myanmar's Parami Energy, indicated July 6 that the firm has recently completed the acquisition of 4, square miles 10, square kilometers of 3D seismic data at deepwater Block AD-3 in the Rakhine basin.

The remaining deepwater blocks went to Total—which already operates the Yadana offshore natural gas field and pipeline—and London-based Ophir Energy Plc.

Myanmar Sees Increased Offshore Exploration Work in Late 2015/Early 2016

While there were few Asian winners in the tender, Indian firms took four of the onshore blocks, with Woodside Energy and BG Asia Pacific also picking up two blocks.

Following the announcement, watchdog groups called for heightened transparency from companies and the government as the search for energy resources in Burma is set to accelerate.

Work that domestic companies could do is shifted to overseas companies. Official supervision is weak. Shallower waters will be explored by a number of Indian companies and Western firms including US oil giant Chevron.

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Bowman told The Irrawaddy that the large international winners should show leadership in demanding transparency and thorough social and environmental checks as the process goes on. We face difficulties despite making efforts.

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Contracts to explore those blocks have not yet been signed, and the modest staff of the Energy Ministry now faces the task of coming to individual agreements for all 33 blocks. Meanwhile, Woodside said preparations are underway for the drilling of the Saung well in Block A-6 in late and the Tha Lim well in Block AD-7 in first quarter offshore Myanmar.

Offshore Oil & Gas

These allow the winners of the 10 deep water blocks to explore and develop alone while the winners of the 10 shallow water blocks are required to register with a local partner.

In 10 of the blocks, companies will be exploring, and later potentially drilling, at depths of more than 2, feet, an undertaking that carries high environmental and safety risks and is mainly done by large companies.

The prospect of an increase in exploration activities in Myanmar over the next few years has been well received by local firms.

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The offshore tender followed another competitive tender for 13 onshore blocks, awarded in October. Available when you need it Save stories, features, news and interviews and also read offline in the Gas Strategies app.

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Oil and gas exploration will start in late and early ," Dr. Gas Matters Today Gas Matters Today's news analysis keeps you fully briefed on the relevant people, companies and events shaping the gas, LNG and wider hydrocarbon industries. Our general services are about 5 percent. Myanmar expects offshore exploration activities to increase in late and early as companies commence work on blocks awarded under Myanmar's Bidding Round -