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The werewolf they revive Count Waldemar Daninsky saves the world by destroying the other three monsters in hand-to-hand combat and ultimately blowing up the aliens' underground base, although he is shot to death in the process by a woman who loves him enough to end his torment.

They want to discover the reason that these monsters are so frightening to Earthlings. For reference, the aliens use a book entitled "Anthology of the Monsters" by Professor Ulrich von Farancksalan, who was also the creator of the analog to Frankenstein's monster in this film.

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They then plan to use their findings and resurrect the monsters to destroy the people of Earth. Shes really healthy now and will be a great mother!

Next Synopsis When a meteorite from outer space hits a young California woman named Susan Murphy and turns her into a giant monster, she is taken to a secret government compound where she meets a ragtag group of monsters also rounded up over the years.

Summary[ edit ] Aliensrunning a traveling circus as a cover, revive a vampirea werewolf, a mummy and Frankenstein's monster with a plan to use them to take over the world.

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The werewolf has no specific origin in this film; it is assumed that the events in this film are continued from the ending of La Marca del Hombre Lobo The Mark of the Wolfman, in which Daninsky was transformed into a werewolf through the bite of a werewolf named Imre Wolfstein strangely, the Wolfman was killed in the same exact manner in that first film, but the aliens surgically remove the silver bullets to revive him.

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