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I searched high and low for the hidden fees of subsequent charges but found nothing so I registered. Here you can edit, delete or add an address. Back to top Is Mirenesse mascara online dating Mascara waterproof?

No, and that's the beauty of Mirenesse Secret Weapon mascara. Back to top Where is my order? Thankfully I have not seen the charge on my credit card since. Back to top How is my order shipped? If you choose to order more than 1 free trial item in any category, the costs of these products processing fees will be cumulative and in addition to any other regular shipping for other items in the cart.

This is not the case with Mirenesse Mascaras Back to top I have sensitive eyes. You can be assured that your order will be placed safely and securely. To cancel an order, please contact us via our Contact Us page with your order number.

Back to top I have short tiny lashes. No where in their description did it say that before I bought it and obviously this is a dating websites delaware problem they must have known about if they already knew the solution.

The color that arrived that should have been appropriate for my skin looked like I was painting my skin white. Its effect is not affected if it is subjected.

Please also note that free trial orders are not eligible for our free express shipping promotions. Then to my surprise I received an email notification of the first VIP membership charge. Back to top How can I qualify for bonus free gifts?

Not at the moment we are working on it! However we will not be liable for non-delivery or mis-delivery dating a white girl a result of incorrect data entry. We advise you contact Australia Post for all missing parcels or where you have input the incorrect address.

In order for encryption to take place, your browser must have the SSL protocol. Please keep the caps tightly sealed, and in a room temperature environment.

No, but it is water-resistant, a little water, tears or humidity will not affect it. Yes it is very easy to apply. You may also add an address at the checkout page after you have logged in or created your account.

The Microwrap technology wraps each individual lash and the mascara comes off in strings when removed, these are not your lashes. With only warm water in the shower or basin and gentle pressure with your fingertips or cotton wipes to your eyelashes.

What if I need my order in a hurry? Free trial products fees are non refundable, items may be full sized or mini sized and fees will vary accordingly.

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Back to top How long do the daily 24Hr sales last? All eye products are fragrance free, our skincare uses only organic certified essential aromatic oils and no parabens, alcohol or mineral oil, SLS is used. Use dry cotton tip and gently wipe the area and it will sweep cleanly off the skin.

How long should I keep an unopened tube of mascara?

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You will receive an email once your item has been dispatched. Back to top Are online orders safe? Our free express shipping promotion for orders also does not include free trial products.

Rinse it in boiled and cooled water until clean. Certainly not, and we are officially PETA approved. Express shipping is not available for Free Trial items. No, unfortunately your postage is non refundable.

However if you do have any troubles with delivery please contact your local carrier and let them know. I wish I had investigated this first. Then gently dry and reinsert.

Orders will be shipped Standard Service. Please also note times above indicate shipping time after the order has been dispatched.

Is Mirenesse Mascara safe to use? An order can be delivered to one address only. Most of our products are vegan with zero animal ingredients. We will take all reasonable care to deliver to the address given.

I insisted they send me said bronzer but instead they offered to exchange it, with shipping at MY cost. No, you can keep applying it while it is setting to make your lashes as thick and long as you want them to look.

Can I wash my mascara brush if it gets clumpy?

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Please keep it in a warm room around 25 degrees o C for best application. Alternatively you can add a drop of sterile saline. We advise that you contact the relevant government body in your country e. I went back to their website and again I found that there was no where for you to write a review of their company or make up.

Back to top Can I add special instructions to my order?

When you order online at www. Back to top Are there any special storage conditions for cosmetics? Please note that if you place multiple orders with the same item, your order will deemed invalid and you will be refunded. I am fairly light skinned and being 40 years old I have been wearing make up long enough to know my color.

So yes, wear it all day and all night. No eye make-up remover is needed and that saves your eyes from harsh chemicals and lots of rubbing which can create more wrinkles around the delicate eye area.

What do I do if I smudge it on or around my eye area while applying it to my lashes? I strongly suggest you do NOT fall prey to this company. Back to top How are the free trial products processing fees calculated?