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This issue is part of a broad, comprehensive approach to immigration that is balanced and integrated.

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On the subject of migration I wish to reply here to several questions that have been raised by Members of this Parliament.

Questo ha provocato ingenti migrazioni economiche e ha aumentato la disoccupazione. The question of international agreements and the complex subject of migration which they involve demand that European decisions be taken on a democratic footing. Politica in materia di migrazioni e asilo As is known, migration policy works only at European level.

Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning. At a global level desertification is increasing, leading to poverty, forced migration and conflict.

This has caused huge economic migration and has increased unemployment. Si riferiscono nel primo caso alla cooperazione con Stati terzi nell'ambito delle migrazioni.

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Mr President, in yesterday's votes, we discussed the issue of migration. Beneficiaries and venue The ideal candidates for the Summer School are master students, social workers, researchers, students, journalists, members of international organizations and NGOs, national and European public officials.

Labour Integration of Migrants and Refugees Why take part? Policy on migration and asylum I am thinking here of the need for a more integrated and more generous approach to migration. European legal framework of labour integration of migrants and asylum seekers; Competences, skills and certifications; Circular migration and migration-development nexus; Discrimination at work and diversity management; Self-employment and self-enterprise.

Objectives The theoretical and practical sessions of the School will offer thorough and multidisciplinary training on several aspects of professional integration of migrants and asylum seekers.

International Summer School on Migration and Asylum: Signor Presidente, le migrazioni sono un fenomeno di dimensioni internazionali.

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For further information, please visit the Programme page. This year, the Summer School will focus on: If China's authorities continue to encourage domestic migrationthe problem of regional disparities will eventually be solved.

All panels will be conducted in English. The phenomenon that is migration is as old as mankind itself.

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Consentitemi poi di esprimere una riserva in merito all'Osservatorio europeo delle migrazioni. As for the European Observatory on MigrationI have a reservation. Migration as a factor of destabilisation should be included.

Early steps need to be taken to allow for the problems of aging, rural depopulation, international migration and, above all, the environment. Special attention will be paid to links between migration and development.

Even here in the House there is not a majority in favour of opening the door a little wider for further immigration.

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The training will provide new perspectives and enhance the effectiveness of those who work, or who are willing to work, in the professional sector of the integration of migrants, as well as in academic research related to this topic.

Suggest an example Results: Mr President, migration is an international phenomenon. Signor Presidente, nelle votazioni di ieri abbiamo discusso la questione delle migrazioni.

The purpose of the action is to test hypotheses in the field of migration management. Il programma MEDA per la gestione delle migrazioni in Marocco rafforza ulteriormente questi primi progetti. Training sessions will focus on five principal broad topics, which will be the starting points for further discussion between participants and lecturers.

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They concern firstly cooperation with third countries on migration. Please go to the Registration page for further details. Gli accordi internazionali e la materia complessa delle migrazioni disciplinata da tali accordi richiedono una base decisionale democratica europea. Occorre tenere conto presto dei problemi di invecchiamento, di esodo rurale, delle migrazioni internazionali e soprattutto dell'ambiente.