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Michael lannan jonathan groff dating, hbo orders 8 episodes of michael lannan comedy-drama starring jonathan groff.

Do you know if you'll have more episodes though? It's more than fine.

Jonathan Groff opens up about dating Zachary Quinto

And lastly, one of the things that I was so impressed with was all the great talent you had on board for your first season in terms of people like Ryan Fleck directing and Allan Heinberg as a co-executive producer and writer and your amazing DP Reed Morano.

I met someone who worked on the Lookng set last year this past summer while I was in LA. A number of people have mentioned to me they wish the show was an hour instead of just 30 minutes. So, in that michael lannan jonathan groff dating yeah we have learned a lot from just doing the show.

Besides being so cute himself he has great chemistry with those guys. We always liked those stories and we liked that dating a coptic egyptian man skirt of situation for Patrick and we're so happy that people connected with it.

HBO picks up Michael Lannan pilot with 'Glee's Jonathan Groff

Yes, there is a chance there will be more than eight. Will he be able to come back and do any episodes for season two or is he just going to be too involved with the movie? I think we're just going to continue exploring Patrick and his relationships with the other two guys certainly because people have - partially because people have just responded to it so well and partially because we like those story too.

That you just have to keep thinking that there would be a season two? Going back to the end of the finale, you've set up a love triangle between Patrick, Richie and Kevin. And I think to a certain degree from hearing how it's been received. I feel like I know this person. He looks right at you and his gaze is strong and never wavers.

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Now, in your own head, do you already have that storyline plotted out for season two? I hate to disappoint your friends but, yes, we will be a half hour again. Well, I can tell you that he will be. Even more than season one. I would, I totally would. If she michael lannan jonathan groff dating not get an Emmy nomination, I promise you I will scream because her work was absoluely superb.

We're going to make him come back.

Jonathan Groff Finds the Joy on ‘Looking’

He is sleeping with Lannan. It was just a combination of things and a lot of it being HBO and Andrew and we just had such a great family for the show and were all working together for a cause.

He's lost his job. They mentioned that although Michael can be nice he is also fairly pretentious and runs hot and cold with people who are not important to the show. With that in mind, and having already seen the final episode, we chatted with Lannan last week about where things might go next season, whether the troubled Agustin might get some redemption and whether a certain Captain of the Enterprise might return for season two.

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This is merely a fansite created for Jonthan and I claim no rights to any celebrity endorsed material. He must have many people hit on him.

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You know, I don't know if I was nervous, but I just really wanted us to get picked up again. So congratulations on getting picked up for season two. Imagine having to turn most of them down and NOT loose their respect or support.

That actually ties into my next question for you. I think he is amazing.

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We're going to force him on gunpoint on the plane. It's a crazy business and one just never knows until they actually say let's do a second season, so yeah.

And, you know, much of it through his own fault. I just think they are very good friends.

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Because I'm not sure the events of the finale will change most fan's opinions. We're still waiting to hear how many exactly, but we're hopeful that we'll get more episodes to tell a bigger story, but we just don't know yet.

Posts navigation Search for: So that was a tremendous help. People are taking sides and people feel very strongly about both of them and I couldn't be more pleased. And admittedly I just don't know.

And we certainly learned a lot of the things that people really responded to and sort of how people drop in the show.

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We're they friends of yours and Andrews? And my hope is that it continues to build outside of the coastal areas. I would say reheard about two hours before the rest of the world did.

I think we made the show we wanted to make and we are really proud of it and we're so proud of the performance that the actors gave and we've just had such an amazing crew and they all brought it together. Sorry, I wish I had a better answer for you.

And I think we're going to see those in the second season. They had more episodes than they did in each of the first two seasons. But I'm so pleased that like people are getting to see the show [in the rest of the country]. So, we had, good feelings about it.

Are you just as curious as we all are if Lynn can come back for season two? Think that he and Lannan have nothing to do with each other but they're kind of co-workers. He's prepping it right now. Yeah, I mean I think we're still working on what his story is for the second season, so we don't know exactly how that's going to play out.

I think also certainly Andrew Haigh, our director, just is so talented.

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And he lost his home. The series premiered to strong critical reviews in January, but received some surprising criticism from gay journalists for it's focus on one specific part of the community.

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What did you make of the initial reaction to the first season? So, everyone loves Patrick. And I think it was sort of the same for all of our characters. It helps to have tremendous performers in all of those roles and I think that's really key.

No, he's still going to be our executive producer and lead director. He's just so real.

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There is, however, one tough question on a topic that I have for you that I'm sure you've gotten a lot of feedback on already. HBO has always been really invested in the show and really supportive and really proud.