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And match white to white. That's the 2nd column on your linked diagram. Anyway, got an hdmi cable, didn't work The red audio and white are audio cables.

How to Hook Up a Comcast Cable Box: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

FWIW, I have been a comcast installation tech. Underneath the i, there is a "format" button. Then plug the red and white pair into the remaining red and white, and that's your audio. When the cable box is fully on, if you don't see anything, try pressing the "source" button and cycle through all the source options.

Dammit, I wonder if I will need a new box.

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Thanks for your help everyone! I called well, technically I used the live chat online, but I don't know what your options are with Time Warner and said the following: But when I do, nothing happens, it just stays on i. So, a technician is coming out Saturday. The instruction book for the cable launderers in bangalore dating from which I can't copy and paste says you can cycle between output settings by hitting "MENU" on the front panel.

How do I Hook Up a Cable Box to a TV? | It Still Works

So now you've got it hooked up correctly, metrocast cable box hook up have the right input selected and nothing is happening? Check the above link for the manual. Just to be sure: Comcast should be able to walk you thru this over the phone.

You want page 3. The manual and other support information are here: You can look at the quickstart guide. The outlet in my apartment has two coaxial sockets on the same panel much like a traditional electric outlet Bottom left of your cable box is the bottom red on your tv.

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Have you tried that? I also get my internet through time warner which is hooked up to the coaxial outlet on the wall.

Metrocast Cable Address

If you do, try plugging the yellow into the "Y" jack pg. I am not going to pay Comcast because you couldn't send me the correct parts in the first place. Even without that signal though, you should be able to get some kind of a test or configuration screen to come up on your TV - like if the cable signal is bad, you should get a screen saying "bad cable signal" or something similar.

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If you try to have everything plugged in, you're trying to troubleshoot everything all at the same time. It has always worked fine.

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Do you get anything? I tried it with the yellow cord in and out, and the red cord in either red slot in addition to the white slot of course. I don't think going to channel 3 works anymore. As it is, I cannot even get a menu screen for my cable box.

I'm having support chat with motorola too right now, we'll see if that bears fruit.

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I would be happy to get an HDMI cord and in fact will do so today, Radio Shack cost be damned, if the community is pretty sure that will solve the problem. Tried with HDMI, component, pc, and channel 3. The instruction manual says I can use this button to change the format.

If you're watching a SD channel, the box may well sit in i.

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Have you been able to call the cable company and have someone on the phone verify that they can see your cable box on the network? You need an HDMI cable. Make sure the output setting on the cable box matches where you're inputting on the TV.