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By moving the mouse over the text it will show a hint with a more precise value. I plan the 72 hour rule dating age add a switch in the settings so that each of us can decide how it should be calculated and displayed.

If you should be running a full node that is not in the list, please let me know and I will add it there ; Each visit on steemworld. Mentions The mentions overview will come in the next few weeks and it will display a list of all comments and posts where our account has been mentioned.

Rewards of the last week The table in the upper right section displays a summary for our recent rewards grouped per day.

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This feature is currently only available for active posts, but I am working on a solution for older posts. I still play around with the default node by testing the speed in different scenarios, but the selected node powered by themarkymark is the fastest one I could find so far.

Most elements in there should be self-explanatory. Recent Posts This section displays an overview for our recent posts on Steem it. A click on the pie chart button opens the displayed dialog with vote details for metalflirt profilbild ohne desired comment or post.

I will add some more filter possibilities in the coming weeks. Your vote can have a major impact on this decision! There we can also see the producer rewards that are not included in the rewards table at the top, because I need the space there for the other totals.

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There is still a lot to do for me and I come to new ideas nearly every day, but as I have seen in the last metalflirt profilbild ohne there are many people on Steem it who already use it daily.

In the details section we have some general information about the post and its payout values.

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The limit defines how many items we want to see in the list at maximum. This might be a bit confusing at the beginning and the best way to learn how it works is to play with different values and watch the resulting amounts for a while. I think the tool is now in a state where I can show it even if I am not fully satisfied yet.

The values in the VP circle and the table in the upper area will then show us the vote worth with the chosen SP and of course we can play with the VP control in this case too.

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Perhaps I am going to put them to the section above too with an extra button for toggling between author and producer rewards. Since all of my posts have already been paid out there are currently no active ones and therefore all items are in black text color.

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Search This tool will give us the possibility for searching content by text and operations by values. Is there any benefit of using an older version?

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In the next weeks there will come some controls for editing the existing outgoing delegations and for delegating SP to other accounts. All of you who focus on solutions more than on problems deserve a big thank you from all of us.

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Nothing special but I think it is nice to have all this information in one place. The shown data varies and it depends on the state of the post and the used features what fields will be shown.

Many tools that I have seen are doing the refresh far too often and I'm asking myself how it shall work with millions of Steem users who are requesting data from a handful of public nodes every second. My coming posts will just contain new features and updates for the tool so that I have enough time to fully concentrate on my main mission: The transfer amount is a total of all transfers from the own account to boosters and resteem services, so that we can see how much we have paid to promote our posts.

It also will be possible to go further back in time to see older mentions. A big thank goes out to double-u and afrog for their great suggestions that have always helped me to bring my tools to the next level!

This tab contains all used images of the selected post. It were some really busy months of planing and developing for me and I hope that it was worth the time, which I have spent for all this on a daily basis.

Here we can see a list of all users who have resteemed shared our posts. Blend in with your environment. A click on the name opens the account on Steemit or on the in the settings defined Steem Site.

These cases are also listed in here as good as possible and subtracted from the sent amount, so that we can see what exactly we have paid for promoting our posts. There we also can see the curators payout in percent and the total payout that the author has received. Active posts are being displayed with a blue text color.

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Voting Values The table on the right to the VP control shows a preview for votes with different strengths. I have planned making the load a bit more balanced for example by choosing the default node automatically per country in the future.

As some of you might know, we sometimes get some SBD back from minnowbooster because they have detected an open value or the whole vote could not be made with the sent amount.