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This is a commitment we've had since Day One and it guides every decision we make. This comes from someone who has been in food services turned real estate for upwards of 20 years. KIVA products are produced on shared equipment that may contain milk, soy or traces of nuts.

Also, the customer service is amazing. This starch provides rapid hydration in the presence of high solids with mild atmospheric cooking. Please visit our Contact section for details on how to reach us. How do you test your products? First of all, the product this business turns out is absolutely perfect.

Testimonials "Look no further! Can you ship to me out of state or internationally? How do you make your chocolate? Kiva products are not Kosher at this time. Indulgent Confections believes thatto"Live Confectionately,"definesalifestyleof treating peoplewith sweetnessandrandomactsofkindness.


Word of the Day. Does the cannabis KIVA uses contain pesticides? There are six starches in this product line which vary in their labeling options and fluidity profiles — allowing you to develop sweets that offer a range of bites from soft to hard, or offer long or short textures in the mouth.

Other instant starches thicken in water without heat, but none duplicate the gel forming functionality of this starch. This starch provides non-dusting powder flow and offers excellent adhesion to candy and marshmallow surfaces.

It will improve the consistency of end product in your fondant and marzipan products, reducing the tendency for it to dry out.

Giving the gift of confections to celebrate life's sweetest...

For more information on our lab testing program, visit our Lab Testing page on our website. Theprogram incentivizesand rewardsDoGoodrswithfreeproductsandservices inexchangeforpointsearned fromvolunteering service,thiswaylocalcompaniescaninspireimpactintheir community.

Visit our Careers page for more information. I have food allergies and dietary restrictions. Our products are available at fine cannabis dispensaries and collectives throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, and Illinois.

DoGoodrsearnVolunteerPin VPins aswell as pointstoshowcaseand reward theircommunitystewardship and activity! What strains do you use?

It is apparent that her business is her passion. Points canbeexchangedforrewardsfrom localmerchantsand favoritebrandstogetourDoGoodrsrealworld prizes! Can I still enjoy your products? Taking a picture first is always the first thing I do so I can dig in and look back at it later!

I want to work for KIVA. It's for this reason we quantifiy the THC content over the cannabis content on our labels.

Ashley takes time to make sure she is using dedicated ingredients and utensils hen making flourless products or products with gluten free flour. We adhere to strict safety and regulatory standards and do rigorous testing on each batch- so you can trust that every one of our products are clean, safe, consistent, and potent.

She goes above and beyond.

Accommodating | Definition of Accommodating by Merriam-Webster

I have a dispensary and wish to carry KIVA. The professionalism, level of communication, and quality of product are top notch! How do you know how much cannabis is in your product?

The attack by Martin Luther on the sale of indulgences began the Reformation.

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The percentage of cacao in the chocolate is derived from the cocoa bean and excludes any other flavors or additives, natural or artificial.

Unfortunately, due to federal regulations, we are unable to mail or ship our products outside of California just yet. We feel it is our responsibility as a 6 year old company to be leaders in this industry. This starch provides low hot viscosity when cooked under typical jet cooker conditions and rapidly sets to a firm gel texture when cooled.

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She ships the cookies individually wrapped in a cute box with her logo and they arrive in excellent condition. In British history, Indulgence also refers to grants of certain liberties to Nonconformists under Charles II and James II, as special favors rather than legal rights; specifically the Declarations of Indulgence of, and in England and, and in Scotland.

However, you can also find our products in Arizona, Nevada, and Illinois- and stay tuned for the addition of more new states. If you'd like to learn more, visit kivaconfections. Gels made with this starch, unlike most gelling agents, will resist flow allowing for efficient slabbing, depositing and cutting of the candy mass during production.

Kiva Confections works with a third-party testing laboratory in California is ISO-certified, with over 73 years of analytical testing experience.