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Joining the GLA range in spring was White Art Edition, with a restricted range of white-themed colour and trim combinations. All models come with 'Artico' manmade leather and the MY update saw new upholstery, trim panels, redesigned cluster dials, and chrome-finish instrument surrounds drafted into service.

However, it is different enough as well.

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The GLA features a 1. Together they give the GLA a relaxed gait. The jacked up stance certainly sets it apart — as do the silver running boards, squared front and rear, and lower window line. One owner reported that they had to visit their local Mercedes dealership twice before the leicester sikh dating usa was rectified.

It also feels more engaging to drive than the Mercedes, especially the steering, which can feel a tad lacklustre in the Mercedes. Handy for a school run, but not so much for any situation that might entail carting 3 adults in the back.

Other issues reported include software glitches and total failure of the electric tailgate.

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November — Sport replaces SE as the entry-level trim. There is also privacy glass, special floor mats and an upgraded Garmin sat nav. SE The SE is the base model but comes with plenty as standard.

Value for money As explained, you do get a lot of bang for your buck with the GLA as standard. The image is strong with the GLA.

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Its big wheel arches particularly giving it a sleek but muscular look. However, despite its power and torque figures, the 45 AMG manages some reasonable frugality — achieving Space and Practicality Throughout the cabin, the GLA has plenty of space for four adults to sit comfortably.

January — Facelifted range with tweaked trim levels available to order for April delivery. However, if you are buying one brand new or second hand, there are a few things to be careful of.

In many ways, though, you can think of it as a crossover version of the A-Class. It feels even more car-like from behind the wheel than it looks from the kerb, and.

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The d variant produces bhp and Nm of torque while also managing Fold the standard-fit Standard equipment levels are generous and, for some buyers, the chunkier styling may give it an extra layer of appeal.

Those who prefer petrol have a wider choice, with a range of turbocharged four-cylinder powerplants. Mercedes is a byword for prestige, and the GLA is no exception. For practicality and efficiency teamed with style and comfort, this one is certainly a winner and has certainly proved itself a contender in this category.

For near the same price as the BMW X1 and the Audi Q3, it wins out on a classier cabin, bigger boot and much more economical running costs.

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The infotainment system is the same too — as the screen sprouts out of the dashboard. This is fine for motive power — it makes hp and lb ft in the d, or hp and lb ft in the d — but it is noisy and coarse compared to the latest turbodiesels.

Another slight bugbear is that the middle seat in the back is unpractical to anyone but a child. Car Reviews Mercedes GLA Review When considering leasing or buying a compact crossover, this late entry is the new kid on the playground. Fortunately, the control dial between the front seats works intuitively enough and together with the voice control which operates many of the infotainment functions the driver can intuitively and swiftly make changes according to their preference.

The d comes with either front-wheel drive or with 4Matic as an option, while the d is 4Matic only.