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They would reach two World Cup finals during his time as coach, but results were not always positive, nor was his style of play always well-received. He claimed to have invented the formation, though menotti vs bilardo yahoo dating is likely an embellishment.

There remains a sense, though, that coaches are pigeonholed, often simplistically and superficially regarded as being on one side or the other. But often there is no definable place on the spectrum; in many cases, there are areas in which styles of different coaches overlap.

You wonder whether these are really my countrymen.

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Then, of course, there was the innovation of the aggressive offside trap, something unseen in Argentina prior to its use by Estudiantes. Argentina was falling behind. His most explosive running-row was with Catania director Pietro Lo Monaco, who had claimed he wanted to 'smack Mourinho in the mouth' following Inter's November Serie A win in Sicily.

The latter, a chain-smoking, erudite romanticist, an outspoken liberal, an advocate of beautiful football and freedom of expression. A bitter war ensued in the media between the duo. Ferguson played the Johnny Foreigner card, basically remarking: Is it worth it to go to the World Cup?

Their credit, obtained from Calciopoli, has run out. The pitch, in the end, proved more appealing than the hospital.

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Even when fate put them on the same plane during the Copa America in Peru, where they were working as television commentators, they declined to exchange niceties. But for all the shrewdness, there was an inescapable dark side. The player had heat rub on his fingers. In Argentina, Marcelo Bielsa introduced what was almost a third way of playing, one that had drawn influence from both men.

Bilardo labels Sampaoli 'a fourth division coach'

The build-up to the World Cup proved particularly difficult. After further allegations suggested he had a drug habit, Daum later offered a hair sample to clear his name. The Intercontinental Cup meeting with Manchester United in was a notoriously violent affair, and one that saw Bilardo embroiled in a two-legged confrontation with an unrestrained, maniacal Nobby Styles.

Sebastian Lazaroni, the Brazil coach at the time, demanded an investigation. What is he talking about? To go from one to the other was a jarring shift, although Bilardo was at first complimentary of the work done by his predecessor.

More importantly, a way of playing that would bring success.

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Both were from corners, and both were, in his eyes, calamitous lapses in concentration and tactical discipline. Never speak after the game, never cry to referees.

Maybe he needs to change his mindset but he is too old to do it. And he knew that restricting them would be unwise. At the centre of this rivalry are the two figures of former Juventus sporting director Luciano Moggi and current Inter president Massimo Moratti. Menotti wrote a damning article in Clarin, and the two were from then on established as adversaries.

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Only a fortnight ago, Moggi again hit out at his adversary: It has been a long-standing myth that Bilardo, in all his fastidiousness, had banned the consuming of chicken at the World Cup in Mexico. Under Menotti, Argentina reverted to the flowing, attacking game they had used until the s, the national team became the priority instead of the clubs and the country once again became a soccer power.

Pele vs Maradona The verbal war of verbal wars Since then, the pair have been constantly at loggerheads. I believe a weaker person would have been destroyed. Before that, though, the relatively uninspiring football continued.

At this point, he was still helping his father run a furniture business and practicing gynaecology in his spare time. It quickly became clear, as he became more prominent as a coach, that he was not typical, a non-conformist with little concern for the opinions of his detractors.