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Meizu Pro 5 specs and features

We found that we could even input our current mood for different suggestions from the Scope, which was a small but nice touch. Its home screen is like a hub to online and offline content with various settings.

The Meizu Pro 5 also features a physical home button that doubles up as a fingerprint scanner much like other flagship smartphones on the market. There's a nice big home button on the front of the device, and a volume rocker and power control on the right side.

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Moreover, the phablet's sides are gently rounded, which contributes to a comfortable grip, while the power and volume keys on the right are slim, don't wobble, and produce a satisfying "click".

When there's a single notification, it appears attached below the toggles, however, if more notifications appear simultaneously, the Quick Settings shade is collapsed to a single row of toggles and expanding it needs a second swipe downwards. The area above the home button is inactive in order to avoid touching the home button by mistake.

These are only some of the hotkey functions of the 3D Touch feature, to name a few.


Another interesting feature of the Meizu pro 5 review uk dating is the ability to capture a long screenshot. There are many other pre-loaded scopes including NearBy, which shows you any points of interest based on your current location including restaurants, concerts, public transport and the weather.

Pricing and availability The Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu edition will be available to pre-order from the Meizu website soon, and you can head over there now to sign up for alerts. But let's start with the design of the Meizu Pro 5, and look at what the hardware offers.

The internal memory can be either 32GB or 64GB and is not expandable. It is a useful tool to interact with your smartphone safely, while you're driving.

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There's a metal case and a stylish design, including an oversized camera lens that's clearly a conscious aesthetic touch. On the top of the screen from the lest to the right are placed a shortcut for the flash settings, timer, camera switch, and the settings icon.

The body is slightly curved at the edge to make it more comfortable to hold in the hand, and the slightly curved 2. The A at the end of the software version means that it is the Chinese one.

The Chinese version has many apps that are widely used locally and with the latest update, the number of pre-installed apps increased.

Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition review | V3

Its wireless connectivity options include dual-band Wi-Fi It is also the first smartphone with this chipset that we review. The Meizu Pro 5 is also available with Android onboard, but the Ubuntu variant is far for interesting - and possibly a sign of things to come.

When you 3D press the Settings icon, you get direct access to Wi-Fi, Accessibility and About Phone; a 3D press on the Accelerator icon, provides direct access to the app's features.

Images begin to look soft and muddy, and with very little detail, and the camera also tends to overexpose, leading to a lot of overblown highlights. The Quick Settings shade appears after you swipe once from the top of the screen downwards.

Meizu Pro 5 Review

The Notes app is very simple and you can choose from several offline and online templates. You can change these properties to suite your preferences better. It makes images with a resolution of x pixels. It is followed by extremely extensive Developer options, and of course - the About Phone info, from where you can also monitor the storage and check for updates.

This is the best Meizu smartphone to date, with blazing-fast performance, close-to-perfect imaging skills and premium design and handling. The Calculator has three tabs for standard and scientific calculations as well as for currency and measurement converters.

So, here it is - FlyMe OS 5. There are 16 toggles, a Settings icon, and a bar for the brightness level.

Price when reviewed

It's a tad cheaper and some fans may find it more attractive because of its smaller footprint. What really cripples the camera experience with the Pro 5 is the camera application itself.

Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu edition review: To find out more about Scopes, watch the below video: