A Matter of Life and Death Blu-ray - David Niven A Matter of Life and Death Blu-ray - David Niven

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The "highest court" however, admit their error in allowing Peter to survive and an ensuing trial in Heaven is set for a final ruling. He encounters a Labrador retriever, happy to know dogs are allowed in Heaven, then hears a tune being played on a reed pipe.

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Peter Carter David Niven is flying back to England from a bombing raid, but the crew are bailed-out with parachutes or dead and the damaged plane will imminently crash.

A beautiful English morning in summer, rather unworldly, which seems appropriate for Niven who thinks he's dead and in Heaven.

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The scene was cut out in America, that's all there is to that. The premise of "A Matter of Life and Death" has classically felt overtones invoking the subtle melodrama of a heartfelt romance.

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There is a young naked boy seated on a sand dune, sunning himself while serenading a flock of goats. This folks, is a film worth seeing over and over again. He gets up, strips off his flying gear, and wanders along the beach barefooted. Never mind that there were important plot lines in it.

Preferring a watery grave than the fireball of a crashing plane, Peter jumps into the English Channel no parachutes left leaving June with his final wishes and desire to meet her The magic of the scene eluded them.

Matters of Life & Dating

This holds rank in both areas. So much for a pastoral touch of whimsy to complement a key sequence.

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This, established in an earlier scene. The goatherd was a Powell inspiration.

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Powell's charming Theocritean idyll was disliked by his American partners. The much later U.

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It's a glorious day, and there is a vast expanse of beach and a wilderness of sandhills stretching for miles. The universal tumblers have jammed and Peter not only survives but the first girl he meets on the beach is June.

The greatness is buried like layers that float away to compel more and more warmth of spirit. Their initial kiss supersedes life itself.

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They could only see sexual implications in the association of a grown man with a naked boy and rushed to protect their public. The script called for a boy with some animals, who had to answer Niven's question when he thinks he's in Heaven: It is also remarkably imaginative. It always riled Powell.