Maristes Sants-Les Corts - High School - Antoni de Campmany, 80, , Barcelona Cataluña, España Maristes Sants-Les Corts - High School - Antoni de Campmany, 80, , Barcelona Cataluña, España

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Parking in Les Corts

If you like a good walk you can even walk into the historic, leafy area called Eixample in about half an hour, or the centre of town in about an hour.

Elefant is a sumptuous place for a drink but be sure to dress up, you'll be partying the night away with the rich and good-looking of Barcelona. The Sants station is a short walk from Les Corts and has direct trains to the Airport, and other popular destinations such as Sitges on the coast.

If you prefer to be taken directly to the doorstep of your accommodation, then you can book a low-cost taxi transfer from the airport.

Also of interest is the Barcelona Football club's grounds Camp Nou. In L'Illa there are several good restaurants, a huge supermarket, a small exhibition centre and of course lots of clothes shops, including some of Barcelona's favourites such as Purificacion Garcia, Zara and Custo. If clubbing isn't your thing be sure to have a wander round and try out some of the lovely tapas places on every corner.

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The area may not be so pretty but there are good facilities and more historic, picturesque areas are a walk away. In Les Corts there are bars a plenty and even some clubs, the most impressive and indeed expensive of which is called Elefant just up from Les Corts.

Tours around the grounds and the museum are available. Getting to the city centre from here is simple and will only take about ten minutes using the metro or local trains.

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Camp Nou is in Les Corts and is a must-see for any football enthusiast. Les Corts is an important financial business district in Barcelona and therefore has many good hotels and restaurants. If you want to find a rental in Sants, then take a look at our complete list below.

Why stay in Sants? Also, on Diagonal there is a large shopping complex called L'Illa. How to get to Sants from the Airport There are a number of ways to reach the Sants area from the airport: Despite this, there are still some great attractions and each year around the 24th August, a famous local festival takes place here called the ' Festa de Sants '.

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Save time looking for available apartments for your travel dates. The district of Sants is among the most well-connected in Barcelona. For more detailed information about the Sants area, you can take a look at the article on our Barcelona travel guide and community.

You can walk to your apartment from here or catch a bus. Above all, because Sants isn't in the heart of the city, you'll find that rentals are much cheaper in this part of Barcelona.