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InPinal made her telenovela debut with the historical soap opera Los caudillos, inspired by the events of the War of Independence of Mexico.

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Sylvia Pasquel, in turn, is the mother of the singer and actress Stephanie Salas born The marriage ended in As a producer, she was also responsible for performing the Mexican versions of the musicals A Chorus LineCats and La Cage aux Folles Pinal Blanco, who was called "El Caballero Pinal", a journalist, soldier and politician.

The relationship ended in divorce in However, the French producers ended up choosing Jeanne Moreau. This, without a doubt, is her most famous film.

In these positions, she played an active role towards culture and women's causes.

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Despite the success and prestige enjoyed by the film, at the time, was rejected by the Spanish censorship and the Vaticanaccusing it of blasphemy. Pinal worked in television as she had special appearances in various telenovelas.

Thanks to her success in this musical, Pinal represented the principal role in three occasions: On the father's side, she had three half-sisters: Pinal has problems with the law in by troubles in her tenure as leader of the Association of Theatre Producers Protea.

InPinal was recognized when a statue was unveiled in her honor in Mexico City. However, she was raised by her mother's second husband, Luis G. The film, misrepresented as a medium-length film, was originally conceived to be an episodic film.

In the s, she films some movies in Spain, Italy and Argentina. Inthis theater became into the New Teatro Silvia Pinal. The second would come thanks to her role in the unspoken rules of texting dating La dulce enemiga In Mexico, her last works in the cinema are Modelo antiguoYa no los hacen como antesand Tercera llamada Pinal returned to the stage in with the play Debiera haber obispas.

Inthe Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Hollywood chose Pinal as one of its members in recognition of her long history and contribution to the international film industry. The marriage ended in divorce in Unfortunately, several problems caused her to sell the Teatro Silvia Pinal, which stopped working in to become into a religious temple.

Inshe remarried to businessman Gustavo Alatriste ; the couple had one daughter, actress Viridiana Alatristeborn in She was exiled in Miami for a year.

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Stage[ edit ] In the stage, Pinal debuted professionally in the stage play Celos del aire alongside the Mexican stage star Manolo Fabregas In that year she works in secondary roles in three more film productions. Politics[ edit ] She became a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party and was elected to federal deputysenator and member of the assembly of the Mexican Federal District.

The Spanish government ordered its destruction. She was responsible for producing in Mexico the first musical comedy Bells Are Ringingin This was followed by Cuando los hijos se vanEclipse and Tiempo de amar Immediately, she was elected student queen of Mexico and was presented with the Mexican actor and director, of Cuban origin Rafael Banquellswho included her in several theater plays that he rode in the theater company of the Spanish actress Isabelita Blanch.

Only the intervention of Pinal, who fled with a copy to Mexico, saved the film. Since the s, Pinal showed great interest in musical comedy. The popularity and success of Pinal in Mexico opens the doors to work in Europe. Her first work was an experimental project called Los Caprichos de Goya.

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Mercedes, Beatriz and Eugenia, two of whom she never knew, since they lived in the United States. The couple had one daughter, actress Sylvia Pasquel. Awards and honors[ edit ] InPinal was immortalized in a portrait by Diego Riverawho occupies a special place in the Pinal residence in Mexico City.

The work was made by the renowned sculptor Ricardo Ponzanelli.


Pinal will film around a dozen films directed by Demicheli. Since the s, Pinal actively involved in trade union movements of the actors in her country. Pinal learned French and was willing to charge nothing for her participation.

In Pinal films Shark! In the late s, Pinal became the producer and host of the hit television show Mujer, Casos de la Vida Realthat provided help topics, focusing on women and the family. Inshe also starred in the musical Annie Get Your Gun.

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Viridiana died in in a car accident. One of her most memorable works were in the Mexican version of Mame. Inshe performed the Mexican version of Irma La Douce. In the s, Pinal acquired an old Cinema, located in the Colonia Roma in Mexico City, transforming it into her own theater, the Teatro Silvia Pinal, a space dedicated particularly to the musical comedy in Mexico, and where Silvia was free to set up her own productions.

This production was a success and lasted more than 20 years in Mexico and transmitted within several countries of Latin America, until its cancellation in