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In order to monitor the market and secure traceable quality supply, that meets all customer specifications, Catz International is full-time present in the important okcupid dating review markets around the globe.

In addition, by supporting several local initiatives through our Catz Charity Foundation we also take responsibility outside of our supply chain.

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We consider food safety control of our utmost concern to protect final consumers and take our responsibility. Because of our presence in the port of Rotterdam we are able to provide strategic storage and transport to our partners within as well outside of the European Union.

Our experienced traders have developed a comprehensive global network. Honesty and respect for our trading partners are essential qualities in the way we do business.

We provide various types of agricultural produtcs and its derivatives in variety of classes, are :

Our trading teams supply a diverse portfolio of food products in five segments: Our local and Dutch representatives are located on-site and have daily contact with both our traders as well quality managers in The Netherlands to guarantee compliance with the needs of our customers.

We are considered to be a strong and transparent financial partner as we are listed on the stock-exchange in Amsterdam. As a result of this pro-active attitude we can bring our partners unparalleled market intelligence to source nothing but the best quality produce at the right time.

As we maintain buffer stocks in our warehouses we can supply your demand at all times by securing external risks.

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Our dedicated quality team has full knowledge about the latest food safety regulations of, among others, the European Commission as we are a member of the European Spices Association ESA.

We aim on providing these services to our partners in order to give them a distinct advantage. We are one of the most reputable and reliable trading companies in the world. We have an increased focus on sustainability and social responsibility within our supply chain.

Due to our fair and constructive business approach we are able to eliminate supply risks for food ingredient, flavouring, and seasoning companies in, among others, the European Union, Canada, and USA.

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We believe in the importance of creating shared value between all actors. As we are a Dutch company we completely understand the needs of our partners to secure a safe supply in compliance with the European Union food safety regulations.

As a result of this unique position we are able to eliminate financial as well currency risks for our partners depending on their needs. By continuously monitoring the markets we are able to react at all times.