Lounge Interior: Private Mood Set [MP3] Lounge Interior: Private Mood Set [MP3]

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Greg Walker - Hang of the North Dubdiver - Floating on Love - Remix This is a solid buy, and a great introduction to the bossa nove style of music.

June 3, Number of Discs: Great songs for a hot summer day, trip across the border, or if you just want to imagine being there while having a marguarita.

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I fell in love with it years ago when I heard it on a car commercial. The very last track, a "bonus," continues Ultra-Lounge's long-running inside joke with the "Man About Town" soap opera series, this time a love poem the Hammond Organ is still there.

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With its pounding opening, its naughty muted trumpet, and chiming, climbing vibes, this is easily the jazziest entry on this volume, with its snazzy, slightly audacious feel.

Vikki Carr - The Silencers Dean Martin - Just In Time Like its predecessor, this CD stands out as a collection of all-vocal tracks, while other Ultra-Lounge CDs feature a few vocal songs at most and many volumes are totally instrumental.

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Relinquish all your stress with the first step of our water journey, the ancient Oriental Hammam experience that will detoxify your skin from within.

Les Baxter - Shooting Star; Jungalero Peter Pearson - Out of Nowhere Mo'jardo - Love in Stereo - Original Mix The Continental - My Heart Sings Surfer - South Beach Tito Rodriguez - The Magnificent Seven Marga Sol - Butterflies This album is clearly not the ideal introduction to lounge music, but you'll be surprised that despite its laughable title this is also extremely fun.

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Alberto Dos Santos - Copa Brasil Golden Tone Radio - Running Around T - Euphoria Martin Denny - Amy's Theme Sandy Courage - Hot Rod Rumble Nat King Cole - L. The journey continues with a relaxing aromatherapy massage and an intensely nourishing hair mask.

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Ausilio - Illusion - Original mix Ginger Tunes - Black Orpheus While you can order a Billy May album anywhere online, the recordings of master organists John Buzon, Jackie Davis and Denny McClain are not available outside of this album. James Butler - Praia Bossa Al Anthony's enchanting "Ebb Tide" puts you under a spell.

Jack Fascinato - Spring, Sprang, Sprung The best part of this entire album is the last real track, "Music to Be Murdered By. Peggy Lee's "Bewitched" is quite a find for the record, "I Dream of Jeannie"'s theme had lyrics too, but it wasn't on Capitol.

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If you're not partial to lounge music or the sounds of the organ, a lot of this is going to seem like baseball park music. Ghost Goes To Town Wayne Newton - Danke Shoen